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Vision Impact Institute


Case Study: The Vision Impact institute

The VII exists to raise awareness of the importance of healthy vision. As well as the impact on quality of life, the socio-economic impact of uncorrected vision problems is striking. It’s been estimated that poor vision carries an annual cost to the global economy in excess of £200 billion. The VII is a data-collection hub, offering a library of global reports and studies that add to our understanding of vision impairment issues and steering decision makers towards practical solutions.

When the VII decided to globalise their message, Conversis were happy to step up and deliver. Knowing that a website translation into Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and French would open the door to an additional 1.7 billion native speakers, the VII asked us to build a bridge to these new markets. The challenges of the project were numerous:

We needed to localise the specialised clinical language in reports compiled by industry experts

We needed to make complex statistical reports as clearly understandable to every global reader as they were to the original authors

We needed to preserve the nuance and the emotional impact of the VII’s core message;

One child in four has an uncorrected vision condition.

The VII has no intention of allowing these children’s lives to be blighted, and our translators relayed that message loud and clear. After a smooth export of website data, Conversis’s Project Managers selected a team of linguists with a firm grasp of the terminology associated with optical conditions. The cultural preferences of Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and French speakers were built into each new version of the website, and the VII was kept updated at every stage of the process.

The final translations were delivered on time and to the letter, enabling the VII to launch in its chosen markets precisely according to plan. The Vision Impact institute has a message that deserves to go global, and we were proud to make it happen.

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