Life sciences translation expertise

Conversis is dedicated to helping life sciences organisations communicate worldwide

Healthcare Communications

Conversis provides high-quality life sciences translation services for a broad range of healthcare communication needs. We empower your agency to communicate with patients and clinicians in over 330 language combinations.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Whether it’s for brand marketing, pharmacovigilance translation, or regulatory compliance, Conversis has specialist translation teams steeped in life sciences expertise. We work directly with you and your  CROs and agencies.

Medical Device Companies

Whatever language patients and clinicians speak, it’s vital they understand how to use medical devices correctly.  That’s why Conversis ensures your instructions, labelling and product guides are accurately translated into the user’s language.


Conversis has been a trusted translation partner for CROs since 2003. Our language services are vital for clinical trials, adverse events reports, and ensuring medical documents comply with regulations worldwide.