How We Work

Life sciences linguists supported by cutting-edge technology

How We Work

How we select Conversis translators

We only employ the best life sciences translators for your project; with a proven track record of translating into their native language.

Translators who wish to join our global network submit a detailed application to prove they meet strict Conversis selection criteria. They must hold a recognised relevant graduate qualification, have at least two years of full-time professional experience in translation, and be a native speaker of the target language.

Once shortlisted, translators go through a rigorous testing and selection procedure, with assessments by senior translators. If they achieve the Conversis high-quality standard, they are selected to join our global network of specialist linguists. As a member of our network, their work is reviewed on an ongoing basis to maintain our high standards and excellent reputation, and most of all our high-quality service to you.