The Nuts and Bolts of a Website Localisation

The nuts and bolts of a website localisation

January 15, 2021 |

The management team of Conversis’s client had an important new goal: to reach a new global audience.

To help it achieve that goal the company selected Conversis to localise its website and digital content. Conversis translated over 8,000 words into 40 languages across 32 countries. We identified the language and tone that would speak persuasively to the broadest possible audience.

Collaboration is the key

The client website was built on the Sitecore content management system (CMS).  Conversis’s website localisation experts worked closely with the client’s web developers. We supported all stages of the project from the initial analysis to establishing key terminology, translating the content, undertaking quality assurance checks, and conducting an in-situ website review.

The key to this relationship was the collaboration between the client, Conversis project managers, and our global network of native-speaking linguists. We delivered constant technical support and advice, seamlessly integrating our translation systems into the client’s Sitecore CMS to optimise productivity and minimize execution time.

Seamless integration

The client and Conversis developed a bespoke process to migrate website content as efficiently as possible from the client’s CMS using a Sitecore plug-in into our translation tools. This ensured quality and timeliness throughout the process.

By automating the re-import of translated content, more time was saved for the client when populating ongoing updates of all the sites.  In conjunction with the client, Conversis also developed a ‘termbase’ for each language combination, ensuring consistency of translation of key terms.

A successful outcome

As an integral part of the Conversis process, quality checks were undertaken at every step of the project, delivering further efficiencies.

After an initial project kick-off meeting, frequent conference calls, and face-to-face meetings, the project timelines were met. The outcome? Conversis enabled the client to successfully reach new international markets in a way that exceeded their expectations.

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