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HUG (Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève) Case Study

A website translation project for a group of Swiss hospitals using CMS import/export.


What does Conversis do for HUG?

We started working with HUG on a project aiming to translate their website content from Swiss French to Mid Atlantic English. The target audience is the Englishspeaking community of expats established in Switzerland. The HUG website is modern and interactive, and is based on a ‘dynamic’ content management system (CMS). Our website experts worked closely with the HUG web developers to support all the stages of the website translation project. These included:

  1. Analysis of the website. During this phase we analyse the size of the project in order to determinate the most accurate quote. The procedure we use to determinate the number of words in a website is an automatic process called ‘crawling’.
  2. Export the website content, so that we can automatically re-import the translated content, avoiding extensive cut & pasting.
  3. Content-export quality check. Our web developers perform a quality check on the export provided by the technical team prior to starting the actual translation.
  4. Establish key terminology list and translations. HUG provided us with a list of important/frequently used terms in the website. We established the most accurate terminology in English in the given context.
  5. Translating the content. Our project managers took over from here, assigning the content to several translators that are specialized in the medical field and are native American-English speakers.
  6. Revision. Once the content has been translated, second independent translators proofread it and the feedback they provide is reconciled with the original translators.
  7. Translation QA checks. Our project managers proofread the translation one last time to insure a high-quality standard, and there are various automated QA checks from the translation software.
  8. Import the translated content to generate the new website.
  9. In-situ website review. Our web developers double-check the website for any error in coding, overall appearance and missing strings (text) that the software wasn’t able to extract.

What makes the relationship work?

The key to success in this project was a very close collaboration. Our specialists provided constant technical support, guiding HUG in using the right file extensions and following a specific structure to maximise the results and minimize the execution time. This means that the website content is extracted efficiently, more content is translated first time, and we can automate the re-import of the translated content, saving HUG significant effort in setting up the new website. Quality checks at every step of the process increases the efficiency in the workflow. Communication is key. We have a joint project team of multi-linguists with the project being conducted in English, French and Italian when appropriate. Frequent conference calls and face-to-face meetings support the personal project management, which makes the process progress and smoothly and adds to the enjoyment of a shared goal! Finally, obviously the translation and localisation of the content is carried out to leading industry standards using linguists who are expert in the medical field.

Who is HUG?

The Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG) were established in 1995, following centuries-long tradition of excellence in the sciences and medicine. They comprise nine hospitals and more than 11,000 staff members.

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