Translation Services

Our translation services deliver worldwide language solutions

Conversis serves pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and healthcare communications agencies with bespoke language solutions that are tailored to you. By listening to your challenges and understanding your goals we act as your translation services partner, advising you on which solution is right to enable you to communicate worldwide.


Conversis offers you a global network of linguists delivering high-quality life sciences translations underpinned by the ISO certification ISO 9001:2015.

Website Localisation

Conversis localises your website so its content and purpose resonates in all the territories you are targeting.


At Conversis, our transcreations ensure the emotional impact of your original message is preserved in its translated language.

Multilingual Voiceover & subtitling

Conversis voiceover artists deliver pitch-perfect voiceover performances in the demographic, accent and style of your choice so your message is understood and well-received.


Conversis linguists interpret complex life sciences messages at conferences, interviews, and focus groups with pinpoint accuracy.

Machine Translation

Need internal information documents translated at optimal speed and cost? Conversis machine translations can be highly effective in capturing the essence of your message.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Using cutting-edge DTP technology, Conversis replicates your translated content into your artwork, targeting your markets worldwide.

Multilingual Medical Writing Services

A network of life sciences writers, super helpful project managers and attractive document designs come together to bring you our brilliant medical writing service.