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Conversis is a leading ISO certified supplier of translation and localisation services, specialised in technology, energy, retail, marketing and medical . Read more

Translation and Localisation
Translation and Localisation

Translation is the conversion of the written word from one language into another. Localisation takes this one step further by creating culturally appr...

Desktop Publishing (DTP)
Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Our experienced design team works closely with the project managers, translators, editors and proofreaders, exchanging ideas and feedback to ensure th...

Website Translation
Website Translation

Your website is your global shopfront and must be engaging in all markets: 75% of online customers prefer to buy online in their native language. You ...

Video Services
Video Services

Our services for video and animations include subtitling, voice-overs and audio dubbing, always along with advice as to the most effective method for ...


Adapting content from one language into another whilst protecting the meaning of the words; transferring the original idea while maintaining its ...

International Research
International Research

We work within B2C and B2B markets, offering both qualitative and quantitative research for your next big international project.  We se...


Our service covers the provision of professional interpreters, interpreting equipment and technical staff for your event.

The Conversis
approach to quality

We operate a Quality Management System (QMS)
that has been certified by an independent auditor
against the ISO certification ISO 9001:2015 and
the industry-specific standard ISO 17100:2015.









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A review of our EACD workshop

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In our 14 years of supplying a professional translation service, we have built our reputation as a high-quality, value-for-money supplier by delivering time-sensitive localisation and translation projects for companies the world over. Read all our reviews.

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We have built our reputation as a high-quality, value-for-money supplier by delivering time-sensitive localisation and translation projects for companies the world over.
OSIsoft The translation and localisation of complex software brochures with specific ter... Read more
PricewaterhouseCoopers We have worked with PwC to translate complex databases into Chinese to ensure co... Read more
Fruugo Conversis supported Fruugo’s team in keeping up with high t... Read more
Shell Translation of internal health & safety related communication, training and ... Read more
Canon Translation and artwork for manuals and collateral across Canon's vast range... Read more
Catherine Turner Ltd The translation of medical videos aimed to raise awareness on stroke prevention&... Read more
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