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Why translation is vital for virtual trials

May 20, 2021 | Process

Craig Harrison


By Craig Harrison

Conversis CEO



The ways that you recruit and retain patients for clinical trials are going through unprecedented change. Covid-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of your clinical trials, and it’s clear that virtual trials are in the ascendancy.

At Conversis we’re working with clients to boost patient recruitment by translating content such as social media advertising. Our clinical trials translations for apps, websites and other digital assets enable trials to be in the hands of patients worldwide.

Clinical trials digital transformationClinical trials digital transformation

This transformation is ongoing, with digital devices and web-enabled sensors enabling real-time monitoring of patients. Patients are experiencing less face-to-face time with clinicians so digital assets need to capture their interest in seconds. Effective communication in all languages is therefore vital to ensure these digital messages are understood, well-received and acted on.

New channels of communication can increase complexity in your clinical trials processes. That’s why it’s imperative to work with a translation partner that has the people, processes and technologies to help you achieve your patient recruitment and retention goals in virtual trials.

People and process

Next time you review your clinical trial translation partner pay close attention to their people, process and technology:

➤ Do they have translation project managers who have a global network of life sciences linguists for virtually any language combination?

➤ Will they adapt to your digital processes rather than rigidly insist you keep to theirs?

➤ Are they constantly innovating, using technology that enables seamless transfer of content for virtual trials?

For virtual trials, make sure you have a partner with a range of life sciences translation services. For example, at Conversis we have specialist multi-lingual voiceover artists for your next patient recruitment social media video. By employing life sciences specialists they’ll know how to pronounce medical terminology and your brand names. Our specialists in subtitling, DTP and transcreation are also available for your global virtual trials.

Technology for virtual trials

Technology for virtual trialsAt Conversis we’re always looking to help CROs and healthcare communications agencies save time and meet submission deadlines. For example, take a look at our new plugin for the online design tool Figma. It enables you to export your files from Figma for translation into any CAT tool, and import your translated content back again.

We work with all digital formats including XML and XLIFF to enable seamless digital content exchange. We also have in-depth experience in migrating text from content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Drupal.

We know that communicating with patients for clinical trials is constantly evolving. As patients increasingly engage with digital devices, the importance of being understood is more important than ever before. As you seek to recruit more diverse patients, the importance of being understood in any language and on any device is becoming increasingly challenging. As your translation partner, this is a challenge that Conversis will help you overcome.

PS – if you’re selecting a clinical trials translation partner take a look at our free guide to selecting a translation partner for patient recruitment and retention. It includes recommendations for the questions you should ask, a handy document checklist, and lots of useful tips.