Our Subtitling Translation Services

Subtitling can be a cost-effective way to boost the global reach of your video content. Conversis subtitling covers all visual media such as clinical trial recruitment videos, patient instruction animations, and social media posts. Our multilingual subtitling service combines linguistic excellence with niche video software expertise to impeccably reproduce your message. We also ensure adherence to market-specific subtitling conventions.

Your dedicated project management team selects subtitling experts to transcribe and translate video speech and then refine it keeping in sync with the video content. Considering aspects such as the literacy levels of your target audience, Conversis subtitles are expertly written to retain the essence and flow of what is being said whilst giving the viewer sufficient time to read what’s on screen.

Once the subtitling is completed, we can handle all the post-production. This includes synchronising the subtitles with what’s being said and managing all typographical design elements.


Conversis delivers subtitles written with your reader in mind

We specialise in

Conversis delivers these high-quality subtitling services

  • Webinars
  • Patient instructions
  • Social media content
  • E-learning
  • Corporate presentations
  • Seminar, lectures
  • Conference recordings
  • Advertisements
  • Marketing campaigns
  • YouTube
  • SDH subtitling
  • TV
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