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Machine Translation

Why ignore advancements in machine translation? Conversis embraces them, making them part of our service portfolio and offering you optimal speed and cost-effectiveness. At Conversis, cutting edge machine translation allied with human ingenuity delivers an agile solution that gives you precisely the level of understanding you need in any given situation.  


Conversis delivers:

Swift automated translation via an agile machine translation engine, available 24/7/365

Pre-translation file preparation and post-translation file editing for a polished end product

Machine translation via secure servers for guaranteed data protection


Work includes:

  • Contracts
  • Tenders/RFPs
  • Email records
  • Technical reports
  • Product specifications
  • Instruction manuals
  • E-discovery processing
  • User-generated content
  • Internal communications
  • Summary translation
  • Memory management
  • Glossary compilation


Case Studies

PricewaterhouseCoopers | PwC has a network of 23 offices in China. The company’s service processes are followed faithfully from one territory to another, and when the Chinese arm of the business needed updating on stand...
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