How Technology is Transforming Translation

January 16, 2023 | Technology

At Conversis, when we consider how to employ translation technology, it’s our customers we think of first.

We ask ourselves how technology can help us deliver translations to deliver the highest quality, at the best possible value and within challenging headlines. 

In this article, we’ll explain how we leverage technology to achieve these key deliverables

Translation technology to drive up efficiency

At Conversis, we employ both off-the-shelf software and our own bespoke systems. In all cases, our tech is customized to our life sciences clients.

Our Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools work with translation memories to ensure that previously translated content is reused. Once a term has been translated into a target language we retain that translation. Then, when it needs translating again we automatically use memory to eliminate the need to repeat a manual translation.

This means your translations become more efficient the more you work for us – so you won’t pay for repetitive manual translations.  This value extends to ‘fuzzy matches’ – where terms and sentences aren’t exactly the same. For example, if a word or two is different, we can still use these in a memory bank to decrease manual translations.

Meanwhile, our translation management system (TMS) helps us to manage the workflows best suited to your project. The TMS automates workflows so that once one task is completed, it moves automatically to the next stage. This is especially important when managing our network of native-speaking linguists in different time zones.

Translation technology to drive up qualityMan pointing at translation technology

Our in-house linguist management database enables us to select and commission the best possible linguists for your project. All in a couple of clicks. We use this database to select linguists for your project based on five important criteria:

  1. Experience – we select linguists based on their life sciences experience.
  2. Quality – our database includes quality and punctuality scores for each linguist so you can be assured that we select only the best linguists for your project.
  3. Service – we search linguists for the type of language service they excel in, whether translation, voiceover, localization, or interpreting.
  4. Availability – we check that our linguists are available within your timeframe so available matches can be instantly found.
  5. Language – we choose native linguists with deep knowledge of your target languages.

Technology for life sciences translations is only part of the solution

We’re always looking out for new ways to make your translations higher quality, better value, and more efficient. Take for example our Figma plugin, which exports text into a translatable XML format.

We’ll continue to employ and develop translation technology. But we never forget that technology is a tool. At Conversis we’re excited about technology, but we believe that personal interaction is just as important.

Some of the best technology we use is to enhance human interaction. That could be video conferencing to discuss a project, a personal email to check a point, or simply a phone call to talk through a solution. 

We’re able to optimize high quality, timeliness, and value for your projects because we combine our technology with our people and processes.

Want to talk know more about high-quality life sciences translation? Get in touch!