Qualities Your Clinical Trials Translation Partner Must Have

How Conversis linguists transform clinical trials

March 24, 2022 | People

There’s a reason why we recruit, train and assess our network of linguists so meticulously. 

It’s because we know that you demand the highest quality translations. After all, whether it’s for clinical trials, regulatory work or clinical outcome assessments, it’s vital that you communicate with patients and clinicians accurately and clearly. 

For increasing enrolments, widening diversity or enabling decentralised trials, the role of language is vital. And that’s why our linguists are so important to us

It takes years to build a network of linguists steeped in life sciences knowledge. Rigorous recruitment, meticulous onboarding, and ongoing assessment all take time. It’s also what makes our network so special. After all, we’ve been refining it since 2003.

Translator on clinical trial

An example of this refinement was last year when we acquired Zebra Translations. Not only did this bring a deep experience of regulatory translation, but it also added an experienced team of in-house linguists to complement our remote network.

You can benefit from our translation expertise straightaway. If you have a life sciences project that needs to be understood in multiple languages, it’s best to rely on a specialist

So why should you use Conversis for your next life sciences project?

Want to know more? For an informal conversation about the use of language in life sciences drop us a line.