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Marketing, Research & PR

[ˈmɑrkətɪŋ, riˈsɜrʧ & ˈpʌblɪk riˈleɪʃənz]

Generating awareness and positive responses for products, services and businesses.


Marketing and PR

How can we help?

The way in which companies market to and communicate with their customers is often directly linked to the success of their brand. There are inherent risks associated with translating these messages for global audiences; risks that we can help minimise.

We have extensive experience in the translation of marketing and communications materials, ensuring that content is effectively adapted from its original format, without compromising the message or its meaning.

Working with experienced and proven linguists, we can translate complex, creative content for all audiences, managing local sensitivities and the nuances of local language. Proofreading, layout and technical guidance can also be provided, as can advice on issues regarding how content is applied across all media, marketing and advertising platforms.

For market research translation, we harness the necessary technology for dealing with surveys and responses, and utilise linguists with the correct balance of research and specific industry experience.

In all cases, our usual ISO certified quality standards, punctuality and attention to detail apply, and all work undertakes multiple thorough reviews. Take a look at some of the positive comments we have received from our existing clients or contact us via the link below.

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What our clients say

The experience (was) nothing short of professional, accurate, and an absolute pleasure. Their Project Management team have been wonderful and reliable to work with.

(Top 5 world CRO November 2017)

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Life Sciences

Sciences related to the study of living organisms.

Financial Services

Financial institutions providing products and services to consumers and businesses.


All elements of the process related to the buying and selling of products and services.

Oil & Gas

Organised activity concerned with manufacture, extraction and processing of raw materials.