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02nd December 2019

Excellence in Life Sciences needs to be a daily standard. We're proud to work side by side with the professionals who uphold it.


For the word to mean anything in a business context, it needs to be woven into the fabric of an operation. It’s not something that can be bolted on as an afterthought or mentioned in a mission statement then left to gather dust.

The annual Pharmaceutical Market Excellence Awards recognise industry leaders whose genuine commitment to excellence delivers clear benefits to patients and to our wider society. The 2019 awards have, as always, given us multiple examples of innovation with a purpose, and as long-standing partners of choice to pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organisations and medical communications specialists, Conversis is proud to join in with the applause for nominees and winners in each category.

The results in each award category were as follows:

Excellence in Patient Education and Support:

Takeda UK and Ireland with support from Apodi Limited

Excellence in Healthcare Professional Education and Support Programmes

Boehringer Ingelheim

Excellence in Collaboration and Partnerships

Takeda UK and Ireland/Oxford University Hospital with support from IQVIA

Award for Patient-Centricity

Johnson and Johnson

Excellence in Engagement Through Multiple Channels

Ferring Pharmaceuticals with support from 90TEN and Syneos

Excellence in Product Introductions

Takeda UK and Ireland with support from Rock Unlimited, part of Health Unlimited

Excellence in Managing Established Products

UCB Pharma S.A. with support from Carling Communications London

Excellence in Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs

Jazz Pharmaceuticals with support from Seven Stones

Excellence in Building Corporate Reputation and Trust

MSD with support from Aurora

Excellence in Innovation

Teva with support from earthware

Excellence in Pharma Brand Management

Takeda UK and Ireland with support from Uptake Strategies

Excellence in Capability Development

Takeda Pharmaceuticals Europe/ EUCAN with support from Ashfield Insight & Performance and Ashfield Healthcare Communications

PMEA Support Agency of the Year


Judges’ Special Recognition Award

Cambridge Rare Disease Network with support from Havas Life Medicom

King’s College London with support from Four Health

The Lucid Group Award for Company of the Year



In an industry where excellence has to be far more than just a word, these leaders are making sure it’s a daily standard. Congratulations to them all.


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