Transcreation takes translation further than the adaptation of content in one language to another whilst protecting the meaning of the words, transfering the original idea while maintaining its intent, style, tone and context.

It gets beneath the essence and the emotion of the brand. It takes values, concepts and key messages and recreates them in different markets, bringing together marketing, linguistics, creative copywriting and design, whilst taking account of tone, nuance, colour and style. 

It involves copywriting in the target language when the processes of translation and localisation are not sufficient.

A simple example of how ideas work differently across languages/cultures can be seen in these four phrases: 

  • Speak of the devil (English) 
  • Speak of the donkey (Greek) 
  • Speaking of the King of Rome (Spanish) 
  • Speak of Cao Cao and Cao Cao arrives (Mandarin)

Cultural Consultation

Ideally, a cultural consultation should be carried out before embarking on any transcreation campaign, which Conversis can help you with.

A cultural consultation would ensure the campaign is suitable for the target markets, whilst providing you with insight about the competitor landscape, including, for example, competitor campaigns in your intended target markets, point of sales presence of your competition, etc. 

What's involved

1. Briefing

Content that needs to be transcreated should be sent alongside a brief about the brand, target audience, tone of voice and the aims and objectives of the campaign;

The media platforms of the campaign should also be defined at the start of the process  (Press ads, digital banners, TV commercials etc.)

Visuals are crucial for the brief as we need to make the text work with your visuals.

We would also advise on any unsuitable/wrong images for your market. This could be anything from moral issues to for example a simply wrong type of traffic sign used in the visuals of the campaign.

2. Selection and Transcreation

Conversis will select the appropriate copywriters for the transcreation project based on the topic.

After the initial transcreation, we will carry out a revision by a second independent copywriter to check if he/she agrees with the recommendations provided by the first copywriter and to see if they can bring further ideas on board.

The transcreation is then fine-tuned by the first senior copywriter;

3. Presenting the options

We use a table with:

  • Main Recommendation
  • 1-2 alternatives - simply not variations of the recommendation, but provided to take a different approach to give you scope for selection. 
  • English back translations - given as a standard as our global clients might not understand the language the transcreation is in. The client can then assess if the copywriter has moved too far from the original idea and the way that they want to present their brand globally. 
  • Rationales & comments for each headline - our copywriter explains the approach chosen, giving some insight and cultural background to the choice of words and why it was necessary to change the original turn of phrase, whilst retaining the overall feel of the original, to fit the particular market.




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