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Winning Formula

16th July 2019

No matter how talented we may be, if our technology isn't competitive, nothing else about our service will be.

Sunday was a memorable day for British sport. In the space of a few hours, England won the cricket World Cup and Lewis Hamilton won the British Grand Prix for a record sixth time. Hamilton’s victory, his 80th in Formula One, was a driving masterclass. And if you’re wondering how big a part the car played in his success, spare a thought for the man who finished eighth, over a minute behind.

Like Hamilton, Kimi Raikonnen is a British Grand Prix winner and a world champion. Unlike Hamilton, he’s currently driving an uncompetitive car. He never had a chance on Sunday and he knew it. His Alfa Romeo is fast by most standards but its engine is critically underpowered by comparison with the Formula One front runners. When Raikonnen tried to challenge Hamilton he might as well have been driving a milk float.

However talented we may be, we need the right engineering to help us get where we want to go. That’s something we understand very well at Conversis, and we’ve turned it into one of our greatest strengths.

When clients seek out our language services, they’re asking us to do far more than simply translate words on a page. In many cases they’re asking us to recreate a complex file type and layout. Sometimes they need a simpler way of reviewing the source text and translated text. Sometimes they need a more straightforward method of viewing each target language in the same file. Whatever they need, we deliver.

Conversis Engineering Team Lead Vicky Mayne takes pride in adding tangible value for clients on every project:

I firmly believe the analytical thoroughness we show at the beginning of a project rules out unpleasant surprises further down the line. And when clients need to make changes to a file mid-project, we’re flexible enough to accommodate them in a way that allows our linguists to keep working.

It’s not unusual for clients to tell us they want a “quality” translation service. What exactly do they mean by that?

Accurate analysis of their files delivering an accurate word count and cost savings on repeated words and phrases?

The flexibility to keep a project moving forward even when there are bumps in the road?

Mastery of cutting-edge translation software?

The technical skill to process translated material into the same file type and layout as the original?

The Conversis engineering team ticks every box, delivering a professional beginning, middle and end to the most challenging projects. Vicky Mayne is also seeing an increasing number of assignments come our way via indirect routes.

Sometimes clients choose another language service provider for their initial translation, then when they’ve reviewed the results they come to Conversis for help with subsequent updates. The good news is that we can make these changes seamlessly and to an impeccable standard, giving files that have already been translated an extra sheen of expertise. And I’m pleased to say that once clients sample our service, they don’t want to go anywhere else.

If you put Lewis Hamilton behind the wheel of a ten year old hatchback he might make the drive home from work more interesting but he definitely wouldn’t win a Grand Prix. Put simply, if your technology isn’t competitive, nothing else about your service will be. At Conversis we keep the engine running. And yes, it really is a winning formula.


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