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Window Shopping

27th June 2019

Are you ready to take advantage of global eCommerce opportunities? Let Conversis be your guide.

Not so long ago retailers were competing to produce and stock products that consumers would cross the street to buy. Today we don’t have to cross the street, or even leave our seats. What about tomorrow? Maybe we can gauge market direction from the actions of that market’s dominant leader? Amazon’s impact on global retail continues to dazzle. In the twelve months up to March 31st, the eCommerce giant turned over in excess of $241 billion. It’s also moving forward with an increasingly popular own-label fashion range in Britain and the United States. Amazon may not be offering ground-breaking fashion design but the products are highly affordable and with free one-day delivery on offer to Prime members, highly accessible.

With Amazon muscling in on their turf, retailers have another reason to seek new customers further afield. As ever, they need to tailor their approach to each new target market. Forward thinkers don’t just appreciate the importance of an effectively localised website in securing initial sales. They plan for repeat business. Your global audience is smart, well-informed and demanding, and their loyalty must be earned. Did you know that three quarters of first-time buyers will happily come back for more if after-sales care is offered in their native language? Conversis knows, and that’s just one of the ways we help you keep your customers satisfied.

You can rely on Conversis for:

A track record of success tells us that these services will help you win and retain new customers. And what could that mean for your bottom line profitability?

2019 eCommerce spending in the Asia-Pacific region is forecast to top $1.2 trillion. Huge growth in the Chinese middle class, Japan’s thirst for innovation and quality, and explosions of online spending in Malaysia and Singapore are keeping these markets buoyant. Closer to home, online retail sales in Europe are expected to top $700 billion this year with no slowdown in sight.

And remember, these consumers won’t just hand over their money to anyone who asks for it. They ponder, they pick and choose and they read the small print, so you’d better get ready to satisfy their curiosity in their native language.

The customers who would once have patrolled the High Street and browsed attractive shop-front displays haven’t stopped window shopping. They’re just using a different kind of window; the kind you’re reading these words on right now. That gives you a sales opportunity that can be as big and as lucrative as you want it to be. Take it.


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