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When It Matters Most

10th July 2019

When lives and reputations are at stake, you need a communication partner you can rely on.

Your child is unwell. You don’t know what the problem is but you know the best place for them is the hospital so that’s where you take them.

You arrive in a mild panic and you wait to be seen. And wait. And wait. Your child is confused and frightened, and inevitably that spreads to you. Finally you get to see a doctor. Finally you get the chance to talk to a professional.

But you can’t. Because your doctor speaks only English and you’re one of the 770,000 people currently living in Britain who don’t. The most recent UK census revealed that 49 main languages have at least 15,000 speakers each. Eight per cent of residents in England and Wales of school age and above have a main language other than English, and one million UK households have no residents with English as a main language. London is, not surprisingly, a diversity champion. More than 300,000 people living in the capital can't speak English, and thirty of its thirty three boroughs are home to over 100 main languages each.

Anyone who’s visited a hospital recently will be aware of the breathtaking volume of traffic that passes through them. Emergencies requiring urgent consent create pressure. Throw in a language barrier and you risk medical and legal havoc.

Let’s flip this over and look at it from the point of view of the clinician. These are well-trained professionals, dedicated to providing the best care they possibly can. How must they feel to be compromised in this way? And how must hospital officials feel when the law of vicarious liability sees them held responsible for the acts or omissions of their staff? Between 15,000 and 20,000 clinical negligence cases are brought against practitioners in the UK each year.

How can these barriers between clinicians and patients be removed?

How can career-threatening and life-threatening mistakes be averted?

Conversis offers clients in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors pinpoint accuracy and timely delivery in over 150 languages.

When clinicians need sensitive, accurate and culturally appropriate  communication in an unfamiliar language, it’s our number they call. We support medical and pharmaceutical clients with translation of clinical trial materials, regulatory documentation, professional correspondence, patient recruitment campaigns, marketing collateral and any other material that removes obstacles from their path. We get it right.

Doctors want to take the best possible care of their patients and hospitals don’t want to get sued. The right language service partner takes poor translations out of the equation and allows medical professionals to get on with their jobs.

Conversis offers you expertise and certainty when it matters most. Why risk your reputation or the well-being of someone you love when both can be safeguarded with a professional translation service?


Conversis: helping you speak to the world

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