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What Else Don't They Care About?

18th June 2019

How safe can you feel with people who cut corners, in manufacturing, in health and safety and in translation?

One night on a flight from London to Rome I found myself sitting next to a lady whose final destination was a capital city in Eastern Europe. I asked why she’d taken this route instead of flying direct. Her choice had nothing to do with cost, convenience or the charms of an Italian detour. This route cost more and took longer, bringing inconvenience and no pleasure.

Her explanation was illuminating. Some years before, this lady had flown direct from London to the same Eastern European city. Shortly after take-off a meal was served, and she gently twisted the latch to release the table on the seat in front. To her shock, the latch twisted right off into her hand. She swore never to fly with that airline again.

Because if the airline didn’t care about the quality of a seat fitting, what else didn't they care about?

How safe can you feel with people who cut corners?

Airlines aren’t the only service providers asking customers to put our lives in their hands. When a company makes a health and safety promise, we’re entitled to expect them to keep it. For the past thirty years Fire Testing Technology has kept its promises in a field where they could not be more meaningful. Expertise, attention to detail and a focus on continuous improvement has made this British company a global leader in the manufacture, supply and maintenance of fire testing equipment. Every new product, every new campaign is underpinned by rigorous quality checking, with products conforming not only to the highest industry standards but of course meeting every ISO requirement.

Conversis Sales Director Debbie Pell has lengthy experience of quality management, and she sees Fire Testing Technology as a flagship company for British industry:

"FTT was started by Stephen Upton, an instrument engineer and Stephen Grayson, who’s a fire scientist, so from its earliest days the company brought exactly the right combination of skills to each project. We all like to think our jobs are important and add value to people’s lives, but not many of us develop products that actively save lives. FTT take on a huge responsibility with each product they develop and distribute. It’s reassuring to see how professionally they manage that responsibility"

Language service providers are quality driven too, and we’re happy to go unnoticed. We want customers who read a translation of your website to be talking about the quality of your service, not ours.

Because, let’s face it, you don’t want your customers asking what else you don’t care about.

If they can’t be bothered to localise the Arabic formatting on this contract, how can I sign it with confidence?

If they can’t be bothered to translate the dimensions accurately on this shipping manual, how do I know the ship won’t sink?

Like Fire Testing Technology, Conversis don’t make casual promises to give customers a false sense of security. We give them an authentic sense of security by paying attention to detail. And we don’t get to choose which detail is important. That’s up to the customer, and it’s our job to deliver start-to-finish quality that gives them no cause for concern.

What else don’t they care about? That’s a bad question to have people asking about you. We’re proud to say customers don’t ask it about us or the partners we support. If that sense of security would add value to your business, contact us today to find out more.

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