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What Are You Fighting For?

26th September 2019

This week’s Ecommerce Expo has highlighted the ingenuity and spirit of business leaders who reach out in search of new solutions and new markets. Are you ready to come with them?

One of the hardest things to accept, in business and in life, is that tried and tested methods aren’t working any more. It can creep up on us slowly or it can give us a sudden jolt. But it happens, and the people who adapt are the people who thrive. The notion that it was possible to run a successful, growing business without an online presence was buried long ago. How long before we accept that an ecommerce solution and a multilingual presence are just as important?

The traditional High Street still has an important role to play in the future of retail, and physical retail premises work very effectively in tandem with online options. The figures for ecommerce growth paint a clear picture, though: in 2019, global online sales are set to hit $3.53 trillion. By 2022, just three years from now, forecasts have the annual figure almost doubling to $6.54 trillion.

That’s $6,540,000,000,0000. Want some?

English has been a global lingua franca for three centuries, and it remains the most commonly-used language online. But usage figures for the first two decades of the 21st century reveal the irresistible rise of other languages, offering the key to markets we simply can’t ignore. This year, the global market for outsourced translation and interpreting services will reach $49.6 billion. It’s a sensible investment.

This week’s Ecommerce Expo at Olympia has highlighted the ingenuity and spirit of business leaders who reach out in search of new solutions and new markets. Thought leaders including Kevin Salaman of Elavon, Brenda Fiala of Bacardi Martini, Timothy Katoga of Veolia and Joshua Halpern of Hilton Lifestyle have shone a light on where we are and where we’re going. Are you ready to come along?

Everything changes. Target markets change, targeting methods change. Increasingly, it’s not a question of whether to invest in ecommerce and translation but when. So if you’re fighting that reality, ask yourself what you're really fighting for?

You’re fighting for the right to operate in one small part of the world.

You’re fighting for the right to dribble your football over to the corner flag and waste time until the final whistle, when you could be taking part in an exciting global game.

You’re fighting for your limitations. And if you fight for your limitations, your prize is that you get to keep them.

You’ll have to excuse me for not saying congratulations. You know there’s a better way.


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