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09th August 2019

It’s our pleasure to work with clients who demand quality in use of language, administration of clinical trials and in decontamination procedures.

When Ecolab targeted risk-reduction specialist Bioquell for acquisition in 2018 it was no surprise. Ecolab became a global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies through continuous innovation, and Bioquell have followed a similar path. The many life sciences companies who’ve benefited from their decontamination products were given more positive news this summer with the launch of the Bioquell ProteQ mobile room bio-decontamination system. This new product is equally effective in cleanrooms, manufacturing sites and biosafety labs, offering a compact design, wireless connectivity and audit trail software as a compliance aid.

At Conversis it’s our daily pleasure to work with clients who refuse to compromise on quality; not in use of language, not in the administration of clinical trials and certainly not in decontamination procedures. We applaud the excellence of Bioquell in this critically important field.


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