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The Relay

26th August 2019

Relay teams are faster, on the track and on your projects. Delivering what you need, passing the baton from one safe pair of hands to the next.

Happy National Heroes Day to everyone in the Philippines.

Happy Repentance Day to everyone in Papua New Guinea

And of course Happy Summer Bank Holiday to everyone in the United Kingdom.

For the rest of the world it’s just another working day. And if you need a service, it’s comforting to know that somewhere out there, just a phone call or an email away, is a highly suitable service provider.

Your industry won’t carry passengers. Your clients across Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and the Middle East won’t wait until tomorrow for a response they need today. Why should they?

So what’s the answer?

The athletics world record for the mile currently stands at 3.43.13 for men and 4.12.33 for women. The records for the 4 x 400 metres relay, with four team mates working together to cover exactly the same distance, are both almost a minute faster.

This isn’t rocket science, is it? Of course the relay teams are faster, on the running track and on your projects. Giving you what you need, when you need it, passing the baton from one safe pair of hands to the next and working 24/7/365 in your service.

If you can call on specialist teams of linguists on five continents, you have a translation service that literally never sleeps. Not just welcoming your calls and covering your requirements on Bank Holidays, but at any time on any day.

In the first decade of the 21st century, online use of Arabic increased by 2,501%, making it by far the fastest growing internet language. A professional language service provider will acknowledge that growth, offering you linguists with a command not only of Modern Standard Arabic but also the multitude of regional dialects. Their typesetting and all-round presentation will reflect the fact that Arabic text reads from right to left.

And, crucially, they won’t limit you to a Monday to Friday service. Why should everything grind to a halt for you and your Arabic-speaking clients on a Sunday, when for them it’s a normal working day? A true localisation partner will keep the doors open and the projects moving, working just as hard for you on a Sunday or a Bank Holiday Monday as they would on any other day.

The client comes first, the team keeps on running. The relay keeps you on track.


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