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The Long And Winding Road: Rugby World Cup Day Eight

27th September 2019

The shortest journeys aren't usually the most interesting 



If you just want to get from A to B and money is no object, most journeys are straightforward. A direct flight from London to Tokyo may take an average of twelve hours and for rugby fans with deep pockets, hospitality packages for the World Cup have sold for up to £20,000 per head.

This summer Tanya and Ben Hawksbee chose a different route. Tanya’s fear of flying led to them planning a two month journey from Wandsworth, South London, through Europe and Asia, passing through eighteen countries. Departing in July 2nd via Eurostar to Paris, they completed their trek with a ferry from South Korea to Japan on September 2nd, in plenty of time to soak up the carnival atmosphere of Asia’s first ever Rugby World Cup in advance of the first group matches.

Worth it? The money they’ve spent was to have been used as a deposit on a house, but for Ben, a rugby fanatic and Tanya, who had never previously travelled widely and always wanted to see Japan, it’s been the experience of a lifetime. The journey included ten nights camping in the Gobi desert, and so far it’s ticked every box they hoped it would. Of course, for it to be perfect they need their team to win, and while they live in South London, both will be cheering for Wales.  


The distance from Twickenham Stadium to Tokyo Stadium is 5,942 miles, and the eighteen countries Tanya and Ben travelled through have a total population of more than two billion; over a quarter of all the people on earth. Those countries are home to speakers of over 100 national and regional languages.


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