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The Harder You Practice, The Luckier You Get

18th July 2019

When we balance technological advancement with human ingenuity, wonderful things can happen​

“Golf is a game of luck. The harder I practice, the luckier I get”

Ben Hogan

The last time The British Open golf championship was played at Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland Ben Hogan was unquestionably the best player in the world, having just won both the 1951 Masters and US Open. Players teeing off today could learn a lot from him. His wry response to those who suggested he was lucky to win title after title sums up the focus and work ethic that elevates competitors into champions.

It also sums up the benefits of working with a service partner that not only encourages continuous improvement among its teams but makes the best possible use of technology, allowing them to add more and more value for you with each passing project.

The right language service partner will deliver ongoing savings and consistency with a computerised translation memory tailored to your needs and equipped to analyse multiple file formats for repetition of content. This memory will retain a record of what you want to say and, crucially, how you want to say it. So when you use the service a second and third time, you can rest assured that key terminology and phrasing will be readily available. You don’t have to worry about inconsistency because a translation you’ve already approved is pre-stored. And you don’t have to worry about ownership of this data because it remains your intellectual property. A true partner will be happy to keep on proving their worth to you and earning the right to build on these advantages. And a true partner won’t just offer you first rate technology, they’ll offer you first rate people. Because it’s still about people.

Whoever wins the British Open this weekend will benefit from advancements in golf club manufacturing that Ben Hogan could only have dreamed of. The head of a golf club is now built with aerodynamics in mind, delivering less wind resistance and more club-head speed. Graphite club shafts are far lighter and stronger than before and driver heads far bigger, so you can make imperfect contact with the ball and still hit it further and straighter.

If that makes modern golf sound easy, try watching the closing nine holes at Portrush on Sunday afternoon. Some players will rise and many will crumble. The winner will master the equipment and the conditions and find the personal qualities to thrive under pressure. Because it’s still about people.

As much as we value technology in moving a service forward, at Conversis we’re still in the people business and we always will be. We believe the innovation and efficiency of our systems stands out because of the people who manage them. Work with us and you’ll be working with teams who welcome the opportunity to move outside their comfort zone, learn new skills and find new ways to add value.

Instead of wondering why people aren’t returning your calls, you’ll be working with people who make the call, offering you fresh solutions that nip problems in the bud. You’ll be working with people who practice the essential skills of their roles diligently, time after time. Because they know the harder they practice, the more skilled and innovative they become and the more efficient and cost effective they can be on your behalf.

The outcome? Exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

Some people may choose to call that luck. At Conversis we prefer to call it one of the advantages of working with professionals.


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