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The Complete Package

26th June 2019

Eco-friendly and cost-effective? This is an approach to manufacturing that we can all celebrate. 

If it seems too good to be true, sometimes it is.

Plastic was the mid-20th century’s miracle product. Inexpensive, strong, durable and yet also malleable, with almost unlimited applications. Since the 1950s we’ve produced over 8 billion metric tonnes of it. And there’s a price to pay. At this moment there are 500 times more pieces of microplastic in the sea than there are stars in our galaxy. By 2050 it’s estimated that there’ll be more plastic in our oceans than fish.

We can regulate our use of plastic and we can certainly take good care of how we dispose of it, but what are the alternatives? Some companies are making notable strides forward.

Companies such as Megaplast.

Since inception in 1995, Megaplast has continuously sought out better ways to support client packaging needs. More and more, the company is meeting those needs while also finding an environmental balance. By developing highly efficient stretch film, they deliver greater safety, far lower plastic waste and significant cost savings. In addition, the company’s factory is powered by energy from renewable resources. In 2019 this combination has been recognised with awards for packaging innovation and eco-friendliness.

This balance is something we recognise too. At Conversis we believe that good practice is good business, and a commitment to the wider community has been at the heart of our operation since day one. We also recognise the hard work that goes into reaching out across oceans and borders to make a high-quality service available to new customers. Megaplast has expanded successfully across Western Europe and is a near neighbour of Conversis in Raleigh, North Carolina. Maintaining that kind of expansion requires expert communication and attention to detail, and it’s been our pleasure to help countless partners in that department. Conversis offers teams of native speaker linguists who live and work in your target markets, understand the commercial priorities of your potential customers and will make your unique selling points crystal clear.

A quarter of a century of innovation has led Megaplast to a position of commercial and environmental leadership. Conversis Sales Director Debbie Pell appreciates their accomplishment:

“From a strong base in Greece, Megaplast has made a global impact. And in a crowded market they continue to stand out by offering a clear commercial advantage that’s as positive for the environment as it is for the balance sheet. Next year marks the company’s 25th anniversary, and as well as looking back with pride they’ll be looking forward with optimism. Long may that continue”

Megaplast offers a reliable, innovative product in a form that saves money and helps protect the environment. You might say they’re the complete package.


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