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Subsea Samba

25th June 2019

Brazil is rich in natural resources and commercial potential. And if you want to dance the subsea samba, you'd better know the steps.

Some election campaign promises end up being swept under the carpet, but when Jair Bolsonaro ran for President of Brazil with the stated aim of selling the country’s oil reserves, there was no chance of that pledge being forgotten. Mr Bolsonaro was inaugurated in January and immediately committed to selling the rights to offshore oil exploration and production. His supporters spoke of a $30 billion bonanza that would rescue Brazil’s public finances, and while the details are still being debated the potential is clear.

Brazil is extraordinarily rich in natural resources, one of the world’s leading producers of oil, natural gas and ethanol. It’s been estimated that there’s enough unclaimed oil just off the Rio coast to meet the entire planet’s energy needs for six months. While Petrobras, the part-government owned multinational dominates the market there are a total of 48 exploration and production companies operating in the country with Shell, Chevron and Total Oil having a major stake. President Bolsonaro was elected on a promise to ramp up oil and gas production, open up the market and propel the economy forward. For the world’s leading E&P companies it’s an invitation they can’t refuse.

And as always, it’s polite to answer an invitation in the language of your host. The oil exploration process brings a need for accurate geological surveys, geophysical reports, exploration licenses, drilling cost estimates and equipment evaluations. The fine detail of technical manuals needs to be pinpoint accurate, and so does the legal documentation relating to each project. Put simply, who wants to place their life in the hands of a health and safety process that might be inaccurately translated? Who wants to commit millions of dollars on the strength of a contract that might have a language loophole?

Conversis clients certainly don’t, and we make sure they never have to.

Our translation service delivers industry expertise combined with an understanding of the nuance of language and culture. Successfully working in over 160 languages, Conversis offers you precision in translation of health and safety documentation, technical manuals, surveys, licenses and for those engaged in cross-border mergers, due diligence paperwork.

How well do you know your audience and how clearly are you communicating with them? We’ve picked up the pieces for too many clients whose message has been compromised by other people’s elementary translation mistakes.

First things first; if you’re targeting Brazil, native Portuguese is subtly different to the European version.

If you want to dance the Subsea Samba, you’d better know the steps.


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