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25th October 2019

MedAid supports developing communities with vital equipment and training. Their Biomedical Engineering Programme launch was timely and inspiring.

When we look back on British politics in the month of October 2019, we won’t find many moments of unity. But whatever your views on Britain’s membership of the EU and whatever your voting intentions at the next election, there was one event at the House of Commons this month that genuinely brought people together.

Medical Aid International brings training, equipment and a sense of purpose and hope to communities in the developing world. Based in Bedfordshire, the company’s work is having a positive ripple effect across oceans and borders, with a notable impact in East Africa. This month the company’s Online Biomedical Engineering Programme was officially launched at an event in the Churchill Room in the House of Commons. Hosted by Alistair Burt, the MP for North East Bedfordshire, the event shone a light on Medical Aid’s efforts to solve problems that many of us may not even be aware of. Africa is crying out for qualified clinicians with surgical training and equipment. Steve Mannion, one of the event’s keynote speakers and a vastly experienced trauma surgeon, reminded us that treatment of severe injury involves putting metal into people’s bones. As well as the skill required for such a procedure, doctors need a sterile environment to safeguard against infection and patients need the time and the environment for post-operative rehabilitation. And equipment that we might take for granted in the UK can be a vital addition to a doctor in Malawi. In Steve Mannion’s words: “a simple electric saw that can safely cut a plaster from a child’s body is worth its weight in gold”.

Medical Aid supports developing communities with vital equipment and training, and the Online BioMedical Engineering Programme promises to make that training more accessible than ever before. A series of 60 online videos equip learners with a comprehensive professional toolkit that will, quite simply, save lives. CEO Tim Beacon has formed valuable partnerships with service providers and donors who want to join with him in delivering better healthcare to those who need it most. As language service partner to Medical Aid, Conversis attended the event and Lead Project Manager Cassie Mill was left in no doubt of the programme’s importance.

“By the end of the next decade it’s forecast that road traffic accidents will be hospitalising more people in Africa than infectious diseases. If local doctors have the skills, equipment and basic amenities to treat patient injuries, they can be rehabilitated and move forward with their lives. Medical Aid International is reaching out to communities that may only have one working light bulb in a hospital operating theatre. Communities that may be struggling with access to water and power. There’s no quick fix for problems like that, but there is a clear path to improvement and Tim Beacon is following it. We’re with him every step of the way”

This event reminded us of what a small group of committed, altruistic professionals can accomplish when they set their minds to it. We’re proud to have been part of it.


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