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Silver Lining

13th September 2019

This weekend Argentina is rich not only in natural resources but also language expertise at the annual Latin American translation industry conference

When a country takes its name from a precious metal, it’s no surprise to find that it’s rich in natural resources. Argentina - literally “silvery” in Spanish – has an abundance not only of silver but also lead, zinc, tin, copper, iron ore, oil and vast plains of arable land.

This weekend, Argentina is also rich in language expertise. The annual Latin American translation industry conference (CLINT) takes place in Cordoba on Saturday and Sunday the 14th and 15th. Hosted by Translated in Argentina, the event promises to be a highlight for anyone with an interest in Latin American business and in language services in general.

Over 100 British companies are currently trading in Argentina, ranging from SMEs to FTSE-listed giants. As one of this weekend’s keynote speakers, Conversis CEO Gary Muddyman is well aware of the potential in the region and the importance of clear, persuasive communication with its people.

As the second largest economy in Latin America, Argentina deserves our attention. It’s not always recognised as a major player in energy resources, yet it has 300 million tonnes in proven oil reserves. It’s not always recognised as a development opportunity for foreign business, yet corporate giants that we know well such as Glaxo SmithKline and Unilever are thriving there. Without clear, tailored communication, major opportunities can easily be missed, in Latin America and any other market, and this weekend we’ll be discussing the many ways that the translation industry is moving forward and fuelling global economic development.

Many of the topics under discussion this weekend will be of interest not only to language service professionals but also to those with an interest in broader social issues. Presentations by Barbara Garcia on Women’s Contributions to the Workplace and by María Belén Rosbier Gómez on Inclusive Language and Gender Perspective in Subtitling will strike a chord with all of us who champion equality of opportunity. And Gary Muddyman’s thoughts on where the translation industry might be five years from now promise to answer and raise interesting questions for all those attending.

The silver lining for anyone at CLINT, or indeed anyone seeking a language service, is that there are progressive partners ready to help you say what you want to say and get where you want to be.

Saludo de felicitación to everyone in Cordoba this weekend.


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