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Seventeen Today

04th November 2019

What can you do at seventeen? Drive a car? Give blood? Win a Nobel Prize? 

We're happy providing the best translation service we possibly can.


Seventeen years ago today, Conversis was incorporated as a company.

We’ve come a long way in that time, but we’re not the only people who see a seventeenth birthday as a landmark, or as a time for achievement.

If you live in in North Korea, Tajikistan or Timor-Leste then at seventeen you’re legally an adult.

If you’re British, you’re old enough to become a blood donor, drive a car and pilot a helicopter or plane.

If you’re Boris Becker or Maria Sharapova, you’re old enough to win a Wimbledon Singles Title

If you’re Joan of Arc, you’re old enough to cut off your hair, get on your horse and lead an army into battle.

If you’re Malala Yousafzai, you’re old enough to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

If you’re a translation provider, then you’re old enough to deliver a market leading service that helps partners reach out across oceans and borders.

You’re old enough to be the long-standing partner of choice to professionals who simply can’t afford to make mistakes.

You’re old enough not only to know better but to do better.

You’re Conversis.

Happy birthday to us.


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