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Seven Seconds

02nd July 2019

A higher demand for learning combined with shorter learner attention spans brings constant challenges for training providers. 

Please read this paragraph as quickly as you can. Recent academic studies indicate that the average human attention span has taken a dramatic nosedive over the past two decades. These days we can’t focus on any single subject for more than seven seconds.

It’s not difficult to see where this trend originated. Just as the availability of hundreds of TV channels encourages frequent surfing, the multitude of social media apps on smartphones and tablets makes it fiendishly difficult to stay focused.

The good news is that quickfire use of social media is making us far better multitaskers; the ability to act swiftly and compartmentalise that action is a valuable life skill.

But what about the other skills we need?

Research published this week by global training provider City & Guilds Group reveals that while the appetite for work-based learning has never been higher, only a lucky few are getting what they need.

79% of employees would like to see a greater focus on learning and development at work

85% struggle to access workplace training

Just 16% find that the training on offer meets their needs

So how can we reach out to the seven second generation?

We can start by respecting their choice of communication device. In 2019 smartphones are the preferred device for online activity and online learning.

We should also respect their choice of learning pattern. In many cases today’s learners want to take easily digestible bites of a subject, particularly when learning while on the move.

And of course we should respect their choice of language. When we reach out to learners in Latin America, Asia or mainland Europe, our content must make sense to them linguistically and culturally.

You have seven seconds to engage Sofia in Buenos Aires. Or Haruto in Tokyo, or Alina in St Petersburg. What’s your plan? Do your learners want to read? Do they want to listen? Do they want to watch?

Short, engaging video content that can be viewed on a smartphone at the time of their choosing may appeal to your learners far more successfully than plain text.

And for those times when you do need to introduce the written word…

Bold or italicised text

and different colours to signify different learning points

…may all help to get your message across.

The right language service partner will steer you clear of the problems you can’t solve and choose the right path for those you can.

Conversis is the right language service partner. We state that with confidence because it’s not just our opinion. It’s the message we hear repeatedly when we ask for client feedback.

You can rely on Conversis to:

- Tailor your content to learner needs for swift engagement

- Make learning accessible via the device and in the format of the learner’s choice

- Localise by language and culture to deliver positive, sustainable learning outcomes

Learners need leaders who can reach out and connect with them. With Conversis by your side, you can be one.

So get ready for action. You have seven seconds to get their attention.



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