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See You Again Soon

18th October 2019

Optimising Clinical Trials has been an enjoyable and informative event, so let's say thank you to the people who made it happen


It’s time to say thank you to the people whose hard work and expertise made Optimising Clinical Trials such a success this week.

Thank you Neil Weisman for your direction and leadership.

Thank you Bodo Lutz for demonstrating the importance of surrogate markers in treatment of cardiovascular ailments.

Thank you Marc Ditmarsch for taking Bodo’s argument one step further and showing us what lies on the road ahead in development of surrogate markers.

Thank you Laura Lentz for guiding us through the essential planning that goes into implementing a global patient recruitment program.

Thank you Ekkehard Brockstedt for your motivational advocacy of patient engagement, entreating us to focus on the patient as a human being.

Thank you Maarten Boomsma for focusing on maintaining the integrity of a trial and encouraging flexible protocols to boost retention.

Thank you Gaurav Bhatnagar for showing us the value of clearly understandable, widely accessible data.

Thank you Alisia Sachse for showing us that when it comes to drug development, a copy sometimes has advantages over the original.

Thank you Christina Pfefferer for demonstrating that rigorous feasibility studies can be a safeguard and a predictor of success.

Thank you Andy Bowman for alerting us to the dangers of treating patient engagement as a box-ticking exercise.

Thank you Gergely Kokas for reminding us that site activation isn’t a race to be first, but a continuous challenge to be effective.

Thank you Chibby Ebhogiaye for showing us that data collection with a purpose can lead us to a single source of truth.

Thank you Wolfgang Eglmeier for reminding us that the “real” patient may not match the “ideal” patient in our imagination, and showing us how different age groups need to be treated differently.

Thank you Hilary Coles and Matt Cooper for challenging us to truly represent the patient voice, both in our native culture and many others.

Thank you Andy Thurstan for your eloquent reminder that we’re in the business of helping people and that in the end, we’re all patients.

Thank you Karla MacKenzie for giving us a glimpse into the future of Virtual Clinical Trials.

Thank you Maria Kuthning for helping us navigate the intricacies of informed patient consent.

Thank you Mel Harris and Earl Seltzer for giving us chapter and verse on why respect for the patient must always be our priority.

Thank you Ellen Easten for demonstrating that small touches of courtesy and grace can have a major impact on patient retention.

Thank you Roberto Vallalta for underlining the value of bringing healthy volunteers into the patient recruitment mix.

Thank you Anna Dobrowolska for giving us a fresh vision of how we can cope with challenges in outsourcing.

Thank you Michaela Liskova and Jenny Hoxha for your hard work in organising and hosting this excellent event.

And last but not least, thank you to the staff of the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Berlin City Centre for your warmth and professionalism from the first moment if this event to the last.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon.


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