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Oil & Gas

[ɔɪl & gæs] 

Organised activity concerned with manufacture, extraction and processing of raw materials.

Oil and Gas

How can we help?

Conversis has long-standing relationships with some of the world’s largest energy
companies, particularly those working in the oil & gas field. As a highly complex
sector which is heavily reliant on technological innovation, it is vital that the terminology, language and tone is effectively tailored to the multiple markets within which the industry operates.

As an industry is now expanding beyond its more traditional boundaries there is an inevitable risk that messaging, training and general communication can be misinterpreted - risk that we can help mitigate.

We ensure that all translators and editors have prior experience within the Oil & Gas field, and are well versed in the technical complexities of the industry. We can help with the provision of sales, marketing and corporate brochures as well as legal documentation, operating manuals and training guidelines.  In addition, we can apply our expertise to all digital platforms, project tenders and technical regulatory documents, as previously mentioned.

In all cases, our usual ISO certified quality standards, punctuality and attention to detail apply, and all work undertakes multiple thorough reviews. Take a look at some of the positive comments we have received from our existing clients or contact us via the link below.

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What our clients say

The experience (was) nothing short of professional, accurate, and an absolute pleasure. Their Project Management team have been wonderful and reliable to work with.

(Top 5 world CRO November 2017)

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