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Life Sciences

[laɪf ˈsaɪənsəz]

Sciences related to the study of living organisms.

Life Sciences

How can we help?

Much of our work here at Conversis is focused on helping organisations in the life sciences sector to appropriately communicate their work, research and expertise to different audiences and patients all over the world.

Within a heavily regulated market, we offer our clients flexible and accurate translation and localisation support. We can work with them in the delivery of documents as diverse as clinical trial materials, regulatory documentation, correspondence, patient recruitment campaigns and general marketing materials, among others.

We are extremely conscious of the need for accuracy, precision and punctuality when working with such critical information, and understand the implications that errors in translation or delays to projects can have for our clients.

We have longstanding partnerships with some of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, Contract Research Organisations (CROs) and healthcare agencies. Take a look at some of the positive comments we have received from our existing clients or contact us via the link below.

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What our clients say

The experience (was) nothing short of professional, accurate, and an absolute pleasure. Their Project Management team have been wonderful and reliable to work with.

(Top 5 global CRO November 2017)

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