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23rd July 2019

Quality, consistency, speed to market, cost-effectiveness. Are you ready to deliver on these promises as the fourth industrial revolution takes shape?

America’s Independence Day and France’s Bastille Day make July the month of choice for revolutionaries, and this month Britain has joined the party with the circulation of a government whitepaper on our national strategy for the fourth industrial revolution.

This new age, characterised by breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, biotechnology and quantum computing, presents challenges for every sector. The UK government’s four-point response is bold:

As much as we appreciate the efforts of our political leaders, the translation industry is already delivering its own response, and Conversis is at the forefront. With opportunities in more and more markets, our clients can’t afford to stand around waiting. It’s our job to help them speak to the world, and encouragingly we’re finding parallels between the challenges for industry in general and the challenges that face language service providers in particular.

We believe the Fourth Industrial Revolution asks all of us to deliver excellence in three business-critical ways, and in each of them the translation industry holds up a mirror to the wider economy. Let’s look at them in turn.



The systematic control of workplace processes is becoming smoother and swifter, and the gathering pace of industrial automation is matched by the smart work of language service providers. It’s our job to make projects run seamlessly by linking Content Management Systems with translation workflows. And by making good use of agile machine translation, we find a daily balance between human ingenuity and technical advancement.



Businesses can be transformed by one dramatic change, or they can be transformed by doing everything one per cent better. It’s our good fortune to work with clients who’ve succeeded in both ways, and it’s our pleasure to support them with a language service that delivers incremental efficiencies at every stage. Effective file engineering, close contact with specialist translators and a tried and tested review service each move your project a step forward, and these marginal gains add up to substantial, lasting benefits.



Quality assurance is an imperative for every client we deal with, and however far we move forward with process automation the role of the quality manager is never diminished. At Conversis we believe quality assurance means making a promise and keeping it. Our engineering and project management teams keep that promise every day, only sending the finished product to a client when language and format have been reproduced to the highest standard. As with every aspect of our service, we combine talent with technology to deliver the results you need.

Quality, consistency, speed to market and cost-effectiveness. That’s what our clients deliver and it’s what we deliver too. We’re embracing the fourth industrial revolution by continuing our evolution, advancing our technology, refining our workflows and developing our people.


Conversis: helping you speak to the world

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