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Remote Control

16th October 2019

There are 3.3 billion smartphone users in the world today. How can their devices add value in clinical trials?

Patient-centricity is at the heart of successful, sustainable clinical trials, and today Bodo Lutz of Novartis gave us his insight on how digital innovation can be channelled towards that success.

The more efficiently we gather data, the more effectively we can analyse interventions. The more consistent our processes, the more likely we are to be compliant with national and international regulatory standards. 

The concept of patients taking part in clinical trials remotely is relatively new and increasingly appealing. Many trial participants have ailments that make multiple hospital visits impractical. Others don’t live close to suitable treatment centres and risk missing out on potentially life-saving care. Use of smartphones and tablets enables patients to take part in remote trials from the comfort of their own homes. Medical apps can offer built biometric and location tracking systems that record data remotely and accurately, not only aiding the individual patient but also protecting the integrity of the trial itself.

None of this will work unless we have robust systems in place delivering a global view of data. When the information collected during hospital appointments can be integrated with the information gathered from a smartphone, we have a solution that benefits both sets of patients and moves us one step closer to successful treatment.

There are an estimated 3.3 billion smartphone users in the world today. These devices help us communicate, they help us buy and they help us sell. And yes, when it comes to clinical trials they can help us stay alive. That’s what we call remote control.


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