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23rd November 2019

Regularly refreshing its central character has helped make Dr Who one of Britain's leading exports. There's a lot to be said for regeneration.

How do you keep an idea fresh for over half a century?

You regenerate.

Regularly breathing new life into its central character has helped to make Dr Who one of the most popular British exports of the 21st century. November 23rd is Doctor Who Day, marking the anniversary of the first ever broadcast. When that first episode aired to little fanfare the day after John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, no one would have believed that the show’s 50th anniversary special in 2013 would be seen in 94 different countries. The Doctor has now been played by sixteen different actors, with age and gender no barrier. When things look like getting stale a new face appears, communicating with the audience in a fresh, relevant way.

What can we learn from this? How can you regenerate your business and make your move into lucrative new markets?

If you want to trade with the world, you need to speak to the world. But with English still recognised as an international business language, do you really need a translation service?

Recent research indicates that nine out of ten non-English speakers won’t consider buying from an English language website. And even when overseas customers speak good English, they still value the courtesy and cultural sensitivity of communication in their own language.

Whatever the impact of Brexit on UK trade relationships with Europe, regenerating your website with high quality German, French or Spanish translation will unlock more doors than attending a trade show.

If you want to reach out to new partners in the BRIC economies, refreshing your image with localised content in Chinese, Portuguese and Russian could be even more important than the right pricing strategy. China’s ecommerce market is valued at $1.5 trillion per annum. That’s more than the next ten largest combined, dwarfing even the $600 billion that will be spent online this year in the United States. Consumers born in the 1980s ands 1990s now account for three quarters of China's online spending. They shop via smartphone and they share their experiences via social media. Earn their loyalty with a suitably localised website set up to appeal to mobile users, and you win not only customers but an army of brand ambassadors. 

Your website is the face of your business. Which face do you want the world to see? No translation at all leaves it blank. A poor localisation that fails to engage your audience is like a bad science fiction special effect that fools no one. Not so much Dr Who as Dr Why Bother?

You deserve better. You deserve the best.

Time to regenerate?


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