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Plenty More Fish In The Sea?

20th December 2019

The work of the World Wildlife Fund has never been more important. It's our privilege to support them.

It’s too easy to tell ourselves that life on earth will continue serenely regardless of our actions. How many of us remember the pain of breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend and being comforted by friends who told us not to worry because there are “plenty more fish in the sea”? Whether you found that comforting or not (and I didn’t) the fact is that unless we change our fishing habits and take care not to pollute our oceans, there might not be plenty more fish in the sea for much longer. Many beautiful, uniquely valuable species in the sea and on land are at risk of extinction.

Conservation work has never been more important, and we all owe the World Wildlife Fund a debt of gratitude. Their tireless work conserving natural resources and protecting vulnerable animals is an inspiration to millions around the world. This week it was a particular inspiration to Conversis and to our friends at Bignell Park Barns in Bicester. Wednesday was a fundraising day for the WWF consisting of a bake sale and a raffle, with the winning ticket holder gaining adoption of the WWF animal of their choice for 2020. We also wore onesies for the day, with one or two members of staff resembling endangered species themselves.

Event organiser Kelvin Lee was a man on a mission this week, and with good reason:

“It’s not widely appreciated how many species of animal have become endangered. Many types of elephant, gorilla and orangutan have been placed under serious threat by deforestation. And over the past decade, some sea creatures have lost 80% of their population. We can shrug our shoulders and accept that or we can act. I choose to act”.

With the support of our friends at Instinctif Partners, Cuban Eight PR, Auditory Verbal, Banks Design Architects, Cadwallader and Co and Applied Landscape Design we’ve raised over £300 this week. Some of that money came via online donations and our JustGiving page is still active. If you can make a donation, please do. It will be appreciated and it will make a difference.  

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Plenty more fish in the sea?

Plenty more animals in the wild?

If we give the WWF the support they deserve, hopefully there always will be.


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