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One To One

13th June 2019

Low numbers? High dropout rate? There is a better way to manage patient recruitment for clinical trials.

Low volunteer numbers. High dropout rates. There’s no quick fix to clinical trial patient recruitment issues, but for those willing to dig deep, show innovation and demonstrate a genuine concern for patient welfare, the lasting solutions can be very rewarding.   

Alistair Crombie has followed the same guiding principles since starting up One Research almost a decade ago. Treat each patient as an individual and find ways of initiating and maintaining contact that will win their trust, in both the short-term and the long-term.

One Research recruitment campaigns are informed by countless conversations with patients covering all types of condition and a wide variety of locations. Campaigns can be fine-tuned to attract a specific target group or broadened to bring in a more diverse patient base. As well as managing individual trials their expertise encompasses the support of disease-specific cohorts. In all cases, patient contact is empathetic and supportive.

Conversis Senior Project Manager Cassie Mill sees multiple benefits in this approach:

“One Research put the emphasis on relationship building from the earliest stages of the patient recruitment process. They reject the “one size fits all” idea of sending out a generic message and hoping for the best. Instead, they reach out to patients with empathy and respect, tailoring each phone call and each written message to the concerns and the language preferences of the individual. That speaks to Conversis as a language service partner, and it reflects the way we tailor every project for every client”

When it comes to patient recruitment it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it and who you choose to carry the message. Alistair Crombie is a past master at building trusting relationships with patient advocacy groups. In proving their professionalism and trustworthiness to these groups, One Research has created alliances that are geared towards long-term patient commitment.

As a clinical trials expert, Cassie Mill understands what works, and why. She sees Alistair Crombie and One Research as role models for the sector:

“It’s an unfortunate fact that 80% of clinical trials fail to recruit the patients they need on time. Trials that Conversis are involved in have significantly better results than that, and it’s easy to see why One Research are beating the odds too. They could just as easily be called One-to-One Research, because that’s the level of support they offer clients and patients”

It’s that one-to-one attention that makes the difference, whatever service you’re providing and wherever you operate in the supply chain. If you’re a Conversis partner, you’ll be accustomed to that level of service and the positive results it generates. If you’re not, we’d welcome the opportunity to make our case.


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