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Craig Harrison appointed as Managing Director
01st August 2018

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Craig Harrison as Managing Director of Conversis.

Feeling at home in the US
11th July 2018

The thoughts of Gary Muddyman on our recent expansion into the US

Positive progress in the US
04th July 2018

Our recently opened US office has already proved a great move

BIO International Convention
01st June 2018

Conversis will be on the UK Pavilion at the upcoming BIO International Convention in Boston...

US office opening announced
07th March 2018

We are delighted to be able to announce our plans to open an office in the US...

Standing out from the crowd
19th February 2018

Our CEO Gary Muddyman shares his insights...

Communicating to a global audience
20th November 2017

Our CEO Gary Muddyman's tips on communicating effectively to a global audience

Major industry merger...
28th June 2017

Our Founder and CEO, Gary Muddyman shares his thoughts on the merger of two of the industry's not-for-profit organisations, supported by Conversis, both of which are supported by Conversis.

Getting translations right
14th June 2017

Senior British and American medical executives have admitted that misinterpreted cultural references or linguistic errors in medical translations can have a major impact on a company’s image and reputation

Read the full report here.

American English vs British English
07th June 2017

We examined the differences between American and British English and why localisation is important even when adapting from English to English.

Avoiding PR Disaster: Cultural Customisation
06th April 2017

Gary examines the importance of cultural customisation in foreign language communication materials, arguing that dealing with this successfully can have a crucial impact on the international rollout of healthcare products.

Time for GALA Amsterdam 2017
24th March 2017

Gary's thoughts ahead of the Globalisation and Localisation Association's annual conference.

10 Tips On Transcreation
17th February 2017

Transcreation is the process of adapting a creative campaign into another market with different linguistic and cultural 'rules' whilst maintaining the overall tone and brand. See below, as we look at few pointers that you should consider when undertaking this process.

The importance of cultural awareness in the globalization context
17th February 2017

Being aware of cultural differences could land you that big deal or, the lack of it can play as the deal-breaker.

British Business Etiquette
18th November 2016

Business in the UK tends to be relationship driven thing rather than transactional.

Language and culture for international communications
01st November 2016

A summary of our lunch session from the Internal Communications Conference in Berlin

Ghana - where development meets tradition
06th October 2016

Brigitta, one of our lovely project managers shares her experience in Ghana

Language Migration - one of the many faces of globalisation
29th September 2016

The movement of people is a major influencer, generating new slang words, language convergence or local lingos.

Top 10 tips for translation in Medical communications
08th September 2016

Accuracy and high-quality are one of the most important decision factors when choosing your medical translations partner. 

Retaining critical talent - Is language an essential asset?
27th August 2016

In today’s economy, when going global is a key objective in many companies’ strategic plans, it’s vitally important to consider cultural and language skills when determining who is the critical talent in the organisation.

How do you ensure your communication will excite and interest your patients
09th August 2016

Dr. Mark Hooper's opinion article on how to keep your patients interested and on board through the full clinical study

Our Cannes Lions review
14th July 2016

Russell Goldsmith, interviewed the PR elite in the House of PR hosted by our partners, ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organisation), at Cannes Lions 

Cannes Lions 2016 - Creativity drives innovation
12th July 2016

Our experience at the Festival of Creativity, Cannes Lions

Conversis appoints Ian Barrow as Head of Technology
09th July 2016

Conversis has announced the appointment of Ian Barrow to head up the development of its technology platforms as the company continues to strengthen its senior management team.

Communications across cultures - review of the World PR Forum, Toronto
29th June 2016

Russell Goldsmith reviews his trip to the World PR Forum in Toronto, where the theme of the conference was 'Communication Across Cultures'

Ensuring quality in medical translation when working 'blind'
29th May 2016

Working with people and not relying on inflexible systems is crucial

Can SMEs afford to ignore intercultural training?
25th May 2016

Access to diverse markets and economic sectors has created enormous opportunities for the Small and Medium Enterprises

Launching our new Crisis Communications Report
30th April 2016

Gary's thoughts on our latest report

Conversis launches 'The importance of understanding language and culture when managing an international crisis' report
26th April 2016

Today sees the launch of our new report looking into the importance of nderstanding language and culture when managing an international crisis.

From Translation to Transcreation
22nd April 2016

A review of our EACD workshop

Purpose before profits
15th April 2016

A review from Elena on this fascinating subject.

GALA New York 2016
06th April 2016

An insight into the leading translation and localisation conference: GALA 2016

Ahead of GALA New York 2016
20th March 2016

Anticipating a great language conference in New York

Video Services - subtitling, voice over and audio dubbing
11th March 2016

An easy guide to understanding the different stages of multimedia translations

Annual client survey findings
04th February 2016

Conversis sharing some of the key findings from our survey

Website translation
01st February 2016

The flexible nature of static HTML and its (lack of) use

Industry trends for 2016
02nd January 2016

Gary's views on the challenges and opportunities for 2016

Body Language - the universal second language?
01st December 2015

Communication through our gestures, body movements, facial expressions and tone of voice

Oxford Dictionary word of the year: 😂 Translate that!
10th November 2015

Every year a selection of new words or expressions are chosen to be added to the Oxford Dictionaries

What is Transcreation?
05th November 2015

When a marketing campaign cannot be translated, it needs to be created directly in the local language

Conversis launches Global Talent Report
15th September 2015

Today sees the launch of our new report looking into the importance of global talent within international businesses.

Facing the challenges of Multilingual SEO
01st September 2015

Gary will be presenting at Brand2Global with Andrew Smith of Escherman discussing the challenges of Multilingual SEO

Life without sounds
08th August 2015

A guest post from one of our newest Project Managers, María López García

Conversis shortlisted for the Customer Focus Award
05th August 2015

Lloyds Bank National Business Award, shortlisted

29th July 2015

Team reports from PR Week's Internal Communications Europe event in Amsterdam

Ever changing language - a guest post from Emma
02nd June 2015

Did you know that 'hello' was originally an exclamation of surprise