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Every day, the translation industry and the sectors it serves move further forward.

Every day, the combination of human ingenuity and technological excellence takes us somewhere different and exciting.

Every day, we learn something new, and we’re happy to share it.

Conversis – think ahead, stay ahead.

Anticipating the Need

Does fast site activation give us a jump-start in patient recruitment? In the words of Gergely Kokas:Site activation is a continuous effort

Spot the Difference

Biosimilars are a highly similar, comparably effective and rigorously verified copies of approved biologic medicines and 40% cheaper to produce.

Prevention and Cure

What's the answer to issues with incomplete clinical trial data?

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

It’s one thing to make a plan. It’s another thing entirely to scale it up to the point where it can go global.

Remote Control

There are 3.3 billion smartphone users in the world today. How can their devices add value in clinical trials?

See You in Berlin

Conversis is your global language service partner of choice for clinical trial translation. Come and talk to us in Berlin this week.

The Beauty Contest

Language service professionals communicate a message in sense and spirit, and they don’t get to pick out the parts they agree with

Still Standing: Rugby World Cup Day Twenty Four

If Japan was torn apart by the elements this weekend, its rugby team put the country back together today

United: Rugby World Cup Day Twenty Three

The Irish team's choice of anthem today was as unifying as their victory

Song of Love

Can we find a balance between technological developments that are driving us forward and priceless links to our heritage?

Identity: Rugby World Cup Day Twenty Two

Australia coach Michael Cheika is a good example of the multiculturalism that helps shape the modern identity of his country

I Believe In You

“I know you're tired, you're close to breaking, but there's strength within you even when you feel weak. I believe in you"

Reaching Out: Rugby World Cup Day Twenty One

Rugby players and fans frequently give us moments of sportsmanship to cherish

Chag Sameach

On this holiest of days, let’s remember the common humanity that unites people of all religions, all ethnicities and all languages

The Step Forward: Rugby World Cup Day Twenty

Rugby has never been a national sport in the USA and the Eagles are still waiting for a major step forward on the world stage

Comeback City: Rugby World Cup Day Nineteen

In the city of comebacks, Canada couldn't make one today

Not Alone

We all share a common empathy and humanity, and no one sparks those instincts more effectively than MacMillan Cancer Support 

Second Chances

We believe in the power of education, whether it involves language learning or simply learning how to make a contribution to society

Omotenashi: Rugby World Cup Day Eighteen

Why do so many neutrals want Japan to make a breakthrough this week and reach the Rugby World Cup quarter finals for the first time? 

Being There: Rugby World Cup Day Seventeen

For a sparsely populated country with deserts on both sides, Namibia's achievement in qualifying for six straight World Cups is admirable

Good Omens: Rugby World Cup Day Sixteen

Can England summon the spirit of '66 after today's win?

Kicko The Ballo

Are British footballers finally waking up to the value of multilingual communication?

A Billion Voices: Rugby World Cup Day Fifteen

How can we make our voices heard, as leaders and as communicators?

Building Bridges: Rugby World Cup Day Fourteen

Congratulations to Ireland on a much needed win, but today's result may not have pleased the 80,000 Russian speakers living there.

Boston O.C.T. Party

All the best to everyone sharing their thoughts at OCT New England this week

Northern Exposure: Rugby World Cup Day Thirteen

Canada has enjoyed famous wins over most European teams, but against the southern hemisphere giants their shortcomings are cruelly exposed

Shy, Toothless And Looking For Love?

Do we care more about a potential partner's grammar than we do about their teeth? 

They're Playing Our Song: Rugby World Cup Day Twelve

National pride is often intertwined with national anthems. All the more reason to get them right

Travelling In Hope: Rugby World Cup Day Eleven

If Scotland want to go deep into this tournament, history is against them

Happy International Translation Day

We’re proud to be part of an industry that showcases the best of human communication and human nature

Focus On Spanish Language And Culture

This near-neighbour has plenty to offer as a partner and a friend. You just have to reach out and communicate with them in the right way.

Twist Endings: Rugby World Cup Day Ten

We don't always know how the story ends

Following Up: Rugby World Cup Day Ten

One great performance makes a statement. Two in a row suggest a change is coming

Shizuoka Stunner: Rugby World Cup Day Nine

This decade didn't begin well for Japan, but it's ending in style

Catch Us If You Can

The ingenuity and productivity of the pharmaceutical industry can be put to dubious uses by athletes seeking a short cut to glory

The Long And Winding Road: Rugby World Cup Day Eight

The shortest journeys aren't usually the most interesting 

What Are You Fighting For?

This week’s Ecommerce Expo has highlighted the ingenuity and spirit of business leaders who reach out in search of new solutions and new markets

Fluent and Expansive: Rugby World Cup Day Seven

Italy's attacking rugby today was fluent and expansive, not unlike their language

Eruption: Rugby World Cup Day Six

The islands of Fiji were formed in a series of eruptions 150 million years ago. Their rugby can be just as volcanic​, but sadly not today.

Size Isn’t Everything: Rugby World Cup Day Five

Rugby is a game for big hearts, and sometimes it’s also a game for small countries.

Rock Of Ages

The Rosetta Stone taught us to respect Egyptian langauge and culture. It's still teaching us today​

Home From Home: Rugby World Cup Day Four

It's no surprise that Wales felt at home in the Toyota Stadium today.

Focus On South Korea's Language And Culture

Are you ready to reach out the this fascinating, complex country?

Day Of Rest: Rugby World Cup Day Three

Sunday is meant to be a day of rest for Tongans. Unfortunately for their rugby team this was a day to forget.

Overshadowed: Rugby World Cup Day Two

Argentina's rugby team has always struggled to escape the shadow of its footballers, and today it couldn't escape the shadow of France

World In Union: Rugby World Cup Day One

The Rugby World Cup promises to be a visual feast but for a global audience to follow the tournament closely, linguists will have a part to play. 

Strictly Speaking

“To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture”- Frantz Fanon, Author and Philosopher  

Be Kind To Your Mind

A decline in language learning is bad news for Britain, both culturally and economically

A Question Of Interpretation

Will automated interpreting ever fully take the place of the human linguist?

2020 Vision

We’re 106 days from the beginning of the 2020s. What do you want this new decade to be? What values do you want it to represent?

Silver Lining

This weekend Argentina is rich not only in natural resources but also language expertise at the annual Latin American translation industry conference

Harry Potter and the Clinical Trial

Clinical specialists and communication partners who support them may not have the literary skills of JK Rowling, but they show just as much expertise

Focus on Mexico's Language and Culture

As a tech manufacturing hub with a commitment to free trade, Mexico has plenty to recommend it.


Forty years after mass immunisation eradicated smallpox, vaccination treatments continue to develop at a remarkable pace. What challenges face us now?

Holding Up Half The Sky

It's unjust that only one third of all literary translations published in the UK are by women but we can hail the achievements of female linguists

Focus on Brazil's Language and Culture

Brazil's wealth of natural resources and increasingly tech-savvy population make it a lucrative commercial target. How's your aim?​

The Day After

Let's treat every day as a celebration of female empowerment and a cue to keep striving for it through better use of language and technology.

The Relay

Relay teams are faster, on the track and on your projects. Delivering what you need, passing the baton from one safe pair of hands to the next.

Congratulations to the Innovators

We’re proud to be language service leaders in an industry that delivers progressive thinking and continuous improvement, day in, day out.

Who's The Boss?

Many people have asked if Denmark is being insulted in this week’s dispute with the USA, but very few are asking if Greenland is.

Focus On Italian Language and Culture

Trade between the UK and Italy was valued at £44.5 billion in 2018. Are you ready to claim your share?


Illness may be a matter of environment and chance, but effective treatment may be a matter of genetics

Isn't It Romantic?

Good news for UK divorce lawyers. London has become a magnet for the super-rich who are falling out of love.

Finding A Balance

Do we really need to set up sciences and languages in opposition, giving young people the idea that they are somehow mutually exclusive?

Breathing Lessons

The ISIRV Options X Conference will showcase expertise that's making huge improvements in patient quality of life.

100 Not Out

There are major differences of opinion over Britain’s trade future, but at Conversis we wish exporters all possible success in every arena.

Focus on German Language and Culture

Are you ready to reach out to Europe’s largest economy?

Pick And Mix

You don’t have to choose between ecommerce and the High Street, any more than you have to choose between communicating in one language and many.

Making A Difference

We know ICON as an innovative leader in drug and device development, and today we applaud them as a leader in the pursuit of workplace equality

In Your Face

Can we legislate for what happens and what ought to happen when worldwide connectivity and recognition is, quite literally, in your face?

Upwardly Mobile

It’s our pleasure to work with clients who demand quality in use of language, administration of clinical trials and in decontamination procedure

Conference Call

Where will the fight to eliminate cancer lead us next?

Deadline Day

Do looming deadlines instil focus and controlled urgency, or just overwhelm us and prompt bad decisions?

Focus On Japanese Language And Culture

Are you attuned to to the business needs and cultural preferences of Japanese clients?

Smart Acquisition

With an eye-catching new hire in Chicago, Eversheds Sutherland continues to move forward

Choose Your Partners

How much more can we achieve when we choose our partners wisely?

40 Billion Reasons

Russian ecommerce is booming. Are you equipped to take advantage?

Age Of Consent

Could data protection law jeopardise vital research and development in healthcare?

A Better Understanding

When we share people's stories with the world, we open the door to real empowerment

No Tomorrow

How far does the structure of our native language influence the way we plan for the future?

Strong Vodka, Rotten Meat

Untold damage can be caused when we fail to choose our words and gestures with care


Quality, consistency, speed to market, cost-effectiveness. Are you ready to deliver on these promises as the fourth industrial revolution takes shape?

The Harder You Practice, The Luckier You Get

When we balance technological advancement with human ingenuity, wonderful things can happen​

War And Peace

When dealing with legal and contractual language, the smallest error or omission can have lasting consequences

Winning Formula

No matter how talented we may be, if our technology isn't competitive, nothing else about our service will be.


What underpins business confidence? When it's innovation, investment and high quality communication, confidence translates into achievement.

When It Matters Most

When lives and reputations are at stake, you need a communication partner you can rely on.

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Subtitling and voiceover services can open up vast new markets, but only when delivered professionally.

Independence Day

People should be entitled to live their lives with dignity and independence. We're proud to help them do exactly that.

Deal Or No Deal

Mergers and acquisitions demands attention to every detail. We offer you the linguistic excellence to reproduce that precision in any language.

Seven Seconds

A higher demand for learning combined with shorter learner attention spans brings constant challenges for training providers. 

Window Shopping

Are you ready to take advantage of global eCommerce opportunities? Let Conversis be your guide.

The Complete Package

Eco-friendly and cost-effective? This is an approach to manufacturing that we can all celebrate. 

Subsea Samba

Brazil is rich in natural resources and commercial potential. And if you want to dance the subsea samba, you'd better know the steps.

Our Candidates For The 22nd Century

We're getting healthier. We're living longer. There are people to thank for that, and we're proud to support them

Gold Mine

The global gaming market offers ever-increasing rewards, but only if you find a way to truly connect with your target audience.

What Else Don't They Care About?

How safe can you feel with people who cut corners, in manufacturing, in health and safety and in translation?

One To One

Low numbers? High dropout rate? There is a better way to manage patient recruitment for clinical trials.

Every Breath You Take

Putting the patient first becomes a meaningful goal when you have a plan, and the expertise and discipline to execute it.

Good News And Bad News

Cyber-threats are increasing in number, and the people making them are cunning and relentless. Conversis will shut the door in their faces.

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