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Independence Day

04th July 2019

People should be entitled to live their lives with dignity and independence. We're proud to help them do exactly that.

Yes, today is July 4th, a day for our American friends to celebrate escaping the tyranny of British rule. But right now we’d like to share our thoughts on a different kind of independence. One just as precious and far more fragile.

For many of us, our sixteenth and eighteenth birthdays are landmark moments because of the legal rights we gain. These are points at which, increasingly, we can begin to live life on our own terms. But what happens when this capacity is taken away from us? What happens when our health deteriorates and the ability to manage our day-to-day lives begins to slip away?

People generally prefer to live in their own homes. It’s a badge of independence that confers key social and economic benefits. But it can also carry a risk. How can we safeguard the wellness of people whose age and condition makes them vulnerable, without taking away their dignity and sense of control over their lives?

One of the privileges of working closely with pioneers in the life sciences sector is the insight it offers into improvements in health management. We see new products taken from concept stage through to development, clinical trial and finally everyday use. We see the painstaking attention to detail invested in products that don’t just prolong life, but also restore quality of life.

We see debilitating conditions such as asthma being managed more and more effectively with wearable devices that monitor respiration.

We see chronic back pain being treated with interactive exercises using video game technology.

We see joint pain alleviated by stabilising braces that automatically smother painful muscle spasms.

We see innovation with a purpose.

Developing these devices takes remarkable ingenuity. Marketing them outside their country of origin brings a fresh set of challenges. At Conversis we’re proud to play our part by delivering precise, culturally informed translation and localisation.

Conversis translates key content including:

When life sciences industry leaders take their products to market in high-spending countries such as Germany, Japan and the Netherlands, they know they can rely on Conversis to capture their unique selling points in each target language. As they work towards delivering safe, dignified and independent lifestyles for people of all ages, they know Conversis is walking beside them every step of the way.

Innovation with a purpose. Living life with dignity. Living life with independence.

We believe every day can be independence day.


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