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Good News And Bad News

11th June 2019

Cyber-threats are increasing in number, and the people making them are cunning and relentless. Conversis will shut the door in their faces.

Okay, so there’s good news and bad news.

Let’s start with the bad news.

Researchers at Cambridge University have estimated that a coordinated cyber-attack could affect as many as 600,000 businesses all over the world, costing the global economy as much as £148 billion.

And when we say coordinated attack, we’re talking about just one email.

One malware-laden email, automatically forwarded to the contacts lists of the first wave of targets, spreading exponentially and encrypting data on up to 30 million devices within 24 hours. From patient zero to global meltdown in one day. Compared to this virus, Spanish flu and the bubonic plague were models of restraint.

Sadly, it gets worse. Lloyds Insurance has reported that most sectors simply aren’t prepared to deal with a coordinated ransomware attack, to the extent that a staggering 86 per cent of potential economic losses aren’t even insured. That gives us an insurance gap of £127 billion. So at any moment we could find ourselves under attack from a cunning, relentless, destructive enemy that won’t rest until we’re left with nothing more hi-tech to work with than an abacus, and in most cases our insurance won’t cover the losses. Anyone got an aspirin?

Now the good news.

Conversis offer translation support and is the language service provider of choice for clients across all sectors who value precision, compliance and data security. We’re your business partner, which means your priorities are our priorities, and your data security is a very high priority indeed.

Conversis is cyber-essential certified. What does that mean to our clients?

It means the life sciences, manufacturing, legal, financial, media and e-learning clients who turn to Conversis for language support know they’re getting much more.

It means the malware threatening to encrypt your equipment and bring your business grinding to a halt will run into a brick wall when it tries to come through us.

It means Conversis doesn’t just help you communicate with your friends, we help protect you from your enemies. You may not know who they are, you may not know when they’ll attack but you know who’s standing in their way.

The good news is, we’ve got your back.


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