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Gold Mine

19th June 2019

The global gaming market offers ever-increasing rewards, but only if you find a way to truly connect with your target audience.

The premise of the online game Minecraft is simple. You pick things up and put them down somewhere else. Within that format players are free to travel where they choose around an infinitely large game world. Simple but effective. Minecraft has sold over 176 million copies, making it the best-selling video game in history. The best-selling item in a constantly and rapidly expanding marketplace. There are currently 200 million online gamers in Western Europe and a similar number in North America. Latin America has over 230 million players, and the Middle East and North Africa a whopping 330 million. All of those numbers are dwarfed, though, by the one and a quarter billion gamers in the APAC region.

Popular games can be heavily monetized, with in-app purchases sending revenue soaring. With this in mind, it was no surprise to see Minecraft launch in China two summers ago. Within a week the Chinese version had over 14 million users.

Approached with care, the Chinese online gaming market is mind-bogglingly lucrative. As ever, recognising and satisfying the distinct preferences of your audience is the key to success.

So where should your focus be?


Research by Niko Partners reveals that gamers in China have higher in-app spending than those in any other region. This is a market of serious gamers prepared to spend serious money.


Chinese players prefer games that can be completed swiftly. Quickfire puzzles are hugely popular.


Mobile users in China can take their pick from two million gaming apps. How can you make your voice heard in all the noise?


You make your voice heard by its clarity, accuracy and relevance. You translate. You localise. You demonstrate your understanding of this target audience and their cultural preferences. Make the right Social Media choices as well as the right linguistic ones. You can’t rely on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook in this market; they’re out of bounds to the Chinese consumer. Connect with your audience. They are people waiting to be engaged, not just through an online game but through the language and culture they grew up with and immerse themselves in every day. Reach out, and they'll take you by the hand.

Conversis is your partner in gaming localisation, offering you project managers and translators who understand your target audience because, as lifelong gamers themselves, they’re part of it.

We deliver true localisation that goes well beyond translating words on a page. We localise soundtracks to the most appealing regional options and ensure cultural references make perfect sense. We make the end user feel as if the game was designed specifically for them.

We help you win.


Conversis: helping you speak to the world

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