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Focus On Japanese Language And Culture

07th August 2019

Are you attuned to to the business needs and cultural preferences of Japanese clients?


With one year to go before the 2020 Summer Olympics, how are your Japanese language skills shaping up? If you’re planning to visit this fascinating country next summer, keep it in mind that only 12% of the population speak English.


Japanese is a “futureless” language. Speakers use the same verb conjugation for past, present and future action, making no linguistic distinction between them. Skilled translators will help you steer clear of these grammatical pitfalls.


Japan is home to 2% of the world’s population, and accounts for a massive 20% of global research and development spending. How could Japanese innovation benefit you?


Japan has rebuilt its energy sector, with an emphasis on renewable power sources. Are you switched on to these opportunities?


Japan has 91% internet penetration. 61% of the population are regularly active on social media and 53% are mobile phone users. Is your communication strategy attuned to their needs?


In any given week, Tokyo, Chiba, Osaka or Yokohama may be hosting high-profile trade events. If you’re planning to attend or exhibit, what are the key steps in your preparation?

Opportunities abound in the world's third largest economy. Are you ready to take them? 


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