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Focus on Brazil's Language and Culture

28th August 2019

Brazil's wealth of natural resources and increasingly tech-savvy population make it a lucrative commercial target. How's your aim?​


Portuguese is the country’s official language, and while it’s also spoken in Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola and of course Portugal, almost 90% of the world’s native Portuguese speakers are Brazilian. If you want to reach out to this market, get ready not only to offer impeccable Brazilian Portuguese translation but also to accommodate the 25-30% text expansion in this language.


Over the past decade, tens of millions of Brazilians who weren’t previously computer literate have jumped straight to smartphone ownership. An estimated 120 million Brazilians access the internet by phone, almost 60% of the total population. With an average daily browsing time of three hours per person, Brazil is in the global top five for smartphone usage.


Brazilian Portuguese word order may confuse the uninitiated, particularly when it comes to adjectives. The adjective usually comes after its subject, so

An interesting book

is translated as

Um livro interessante

Like so many of the details an experienced translator will pick up on, it’s a small change but an important one.


Almost 80 million online gamers in Brazil spent $1.5 billion in 2018. The gender split is almost even; 50% of Brazilian men and 51% of Brazilian women are gamers. Four out of five regularly spend money on in-game products, and expansion packs are increasingly popular.


With ample deposits of gold, bauxite, diamonds, platinum, iron, tin and coal, Brazil is extraordinarily rich in natural resources. Oil was first discovered in 1930, and 1968 saw the first offshore drilling project. Today Brazil is a leader in deep sea drilling, with a total of 48 exploration and production companies operating in the country.


Are you ready for your Brazilian customers to choose their own way to pay? Two thirds of citizens don’t have credit cards, and people who appreciate your products and the way you’ve presented them may still pass if they’re not comfortable entering bank details online.

Payment by Boleto Bancário (Bank Slip) accounts for over 20% of the country’s online shopping. When making a purchase, a ticket is issued to the buyer specifying the payment amount and the due payment date. The transaction can then be completed with a cash payment at any one of thousands of ATMs, banks, post offices and even some supermarkets.

Whatever you're selling or buying, or even if you're just visiting, we wish you success in your dealings with this rising powerhouse.


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