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First Day Nerves

03rd December 2019

Why risk floundering when smart use of translation memory will deliver lasting consistency and quality? 

Have you ever started a new job and been overwhelmed by the sheer weight of learning involved?

New colleagues, new systems, new terminology. It can all add up to a whirlwind introduction.

This doesn’t last, of course. We learn, we fit in and we grow more and more at ease with the shorthand of our company and industry. Soon we find ourselves comfortably using jargon we initially found incomprehensible. Those moments when we realise that something has clicked are precious. We’re not newbies any more. We belong.

What if those moments never came? What if we felt those first day nerves every day?

That’s the risk you take when you cut corners with corporate translation.

Your company has a unique voice that should be preserved across communication platforms and languages. Smart use of translation memory will deliver that consistency, storing phrases and terminology that are central to your brand so they don’t need to be translated over and over again, saving time and money and closing the door on ambiguity. Instead of having to go through first day nerves with linguists who are unfamiliar with your brand values, you will find that language units stored in your translation memory can be retrieved and re-used repeatedly. As more and phrases are converted into language units, consistency and quality will improve exponentially. Your translators will then be free to focus on localizing your new content, informed and supported by the glossary already available to them.

It’s not unusual for clients to ask us if we can make the same linguist available for repeat projects. What the client is really asking for is the confidence and consistency that comes with accumulated knowledge. They’re asking for our assurance that their projects will be managed with no hint of first day nerves. By building up a translation memory specific to your industry, your company and your goals, we’re happy to give it.


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