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Eyes on Barcelona

28th January 2020

As we count down to eyeforpharma Barcelona we're celebrating the innovators who were acknowledged at the eyeforpharma 2019 awards

Counting Down

Ten weeks from now the world’s leading pharmaceutical and clinical research organisations will gather in Barcelona to share knowledge, stimulating and challenging each other to move forward in the quest for better, more focused patient care. eyeforpharma Barcelona takes place from March 31st to April 2nd. Over 200 industry leaders are confirmed as speakers and we look forward to hearing what our friends and partners have to say as well as sharing our own thoughts as exhibitors. As we count down to the event Conversis is celebrating the innovators whose impact on Life Sciences made them category winners at the prestigious eyeforpharma 2019 awards.   


Most Valuable Healthcare Initiative

Founded in 1997, by its twentieth anniversary in 2017 BioMarin Pharmaceuticals had achieved annual revenue in excess of $1.3 billion. Among its flagship products is a protein treatment for MPS (mucopolysaccharide) disorders. These conditions affect both children and adults and can cause major cell damage. An MPS disorder attacks the healthy functioning of molecules that help build up our skin and bones. Our bodies naturally support this process by continuously building new chains of molecules and breaking down old ones. For people with MPS disorders, though, an enzyme shortage stops this happening.


Spreading the word

Realising the importance not only of treating this disease but of sharing knowledge about the treatment, BioMarin set itself the task of educating healthcare professionals as widely as possible. The solution was found in partnership with Figure 1, a Canadian social networking service that links over a million healthcare professionals in over a hundred countries via mobile app. Advances in treatment of a series of debilitating conditions were shared for the benefit of patients all over the world. BioMarin reached out and found a way to do what all of us in the Life Sciences sector are striving to do to move the industry forward in the 2020s; marry clinical excellence with optimal use of communication technology.

In the words of company Chairman and CEO Jean-Jacques Bienaimé:

We have the fortitude to embrace risk, pursue bold science and defy conventional wisdom to change the world for patients with rare genetic diseases.

The eyeforpharma Most Valuable Healthcare Initiative prize was a fitting reward for this philosophy. Congratulations BioMarin.


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