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Every Breath You Take

12th June 2019

Putting the patient first becomes a meaningful goal when you have a plan, and the expertise and discipline to execute it.

Putting the patient first. Surely the priority of every clinician and contract research organisation, but for that statement to be truly meaningful you need a plan, and the expertise and discipline to execute it. 
Illingworth Research has followed a plan for just over two decades. It’s working.
This family-run company has carved out an enviable reputation in clinical trial services, research nursing and medical photography. The common thread running through each service and each project for each client is forensic attention to detail in areas that impact on a patient’s well-being and comfort. In respiratory studies, for example, Illingworth works hand in glove with a European network of twenty “super-sites” that offer access to notably high numbers of patients who are supported by notably highly qualified project managers, each of whom combines the efficiency to move projects forward swiftly while never losing sight of the importance of patient comfort and confidence in the process. Illingworth carry out trial visits to the homes of patients for maximum convenience, often giving patients the reassurance of the same nurse through a series of visits, not only putting them at ease but, crucially, developing a nuanced understanding of their health.
The results? Significant recent expansion in the United States and the APAC region tells its own story. And this week, at Outsourcing in Clinical Trials 2019 in London, Illingworth’s Director of Business Development Richard Smith and Project Manager Jacquie Teera have found an enthusiastic audience for their services. The proven ability to deliver results time after time in clinical trials for respiratory illnesses and many others is something to be prized.
Their professionalism and commitment to patient well-being strikes a chord with Conversis. In the words of Senior Project Manager Jessica Cucchiarini:
“When we see CROs put so much effort into patient communication, it makes us all the more determined to help them replicate that level of excellence in the languages of their choice. Conversis doesn’t just translate words on a page, we ensure that patients feel they’re truly being spoken to. Our linguists deliver translations that marry clinical accuracy with human sensitivity. We believe that’s the key to ongoing success in patient recruitment and we’re proud to help our partners achieve that success”
Conversis salutes the ethics and professionalism of Illingworth Research and everyone else at OCT this week. And we mirror their standards when supporting them. We have a plan too, and yes, it’s working. We’re here to help you speak to the world. We’re here for you with every breath you take.

Conversis: helping you speak to the world

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