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Deal Or No Deal

03rd July 2019

Mergers and acquisitions demands attention to every detail. We offer you the linguistic excellence to reproduce that precision in any language.

Trade figures always tell an interesting story, and Britain’s official merger and acquisition statistics for the first quarter of 2019 tell us that big companies are treading carefully.

During this three-month period, 121 British companies were acquired by overseas buyers in deals worth £1 million or more, and 72 British companies made similar takeovers of foreign targets. These deals had a total value of £11.7 billion and while that’s not a sum to be sniffed at, it represents a dramatic slide from the £49.3 billion racked up in M&A figures for the last quarter of 2018.

Are our corporate leaders losing the art of the deal? Or are they applying sensible caution during volatile times?

It’s not unusual for a business to hesitate on a large-scale transaction, particularly when it can send their level of debt soaring. But some are still taking the plunge. British coffee drinkers may not have noticed, but their local Costa is now part of the Coca-Cola Company. At a purchase price of £3.9 billion we can be sure that Coca Cola studied their target carefully. Of course, in a deal between English speakers nothing gets lost in translation. What about a deal between speakers of different languages?

A cross border merger requires comprehensive due diligence, with information compiled on all aspects of business performance. Complex multilingual negotiations and drafting and redrafting of contracts can easily falter if the fine details of a company’s assets and liabilities are unclear. That’s why the linguists Conversis assigns to translate this material demonstrate just as much aptitude in their field as the legal and financial experts they support. The translators we entrust with M&A projects offer you proven competence in legal writing style and verbal communication, thorough grounding in the terminology of their specialism and a working knowledge of the legal systems of both source and target languages. Having this level of talent and professionalism available allows law firms and financial institutions to focus on their role in a negotiation, comfortable in the knowledge that communication will be pinpoint accurate.

At times of economic uncertainty, it’s natural to seek out partners we can rely on. A corporate merger or acquisition challenges all parties to thread one commercial needle after another. Conversis offers you a combination of data security, cutting edge translation technology and linguistic excellence that brings clarity to pivotal legal and financial documents and delivers a platform for agreement.

Deal or no deal? In the end that’s up to the buyer and the seller. But when they need to break down the communication barriers between them, they know they can rely on Conversis.


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