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Deadline Day

08th August 2019

Do looming deadlines instil focus and controlled urgency, or just overwhelm us and prompt bad decisions?

Today is the final day of British football’s summer transfer window. Last summer the Premier League’s twenty clubs parted with over £1.25 billion, with a sizeable chunk of it spent in the final few hours. This year’s spending may well leave that figure behind, and while some of the signings will no doubt go on to great success, others will flop miserably. Sometimes that’s bad luck. Sometimes it’s what you get from last minute panic-buying.

It’s something we can all identify with. Do looming deadlines instil focus and controlled urgency, or just overwhelm us and prompt bad decisions?

Conversis Senior Project Manager Rupert Harrington is accustomed to working to tight deadlines. He believes forward planning can remove panic and misjudgement from the equation:

“Every project has its idiosyncrasies but there are principles that stand you in good stead time after time. Where a client identifies certain languages as a priority it pays to work on those languages first and be ready to finish that element of the project in advance of the rest. And while in most cases we’ll handle all project files as part of a single process, there are times when it’s more effective to split files into batches, allowing the linguists translating into each target language to start work at the earliest opportunity”

Like so many fast-moving service industries translation is heavily technology-driven, but Rupert still sees professional human interaction as the key to success:  

“Maintaining trusting, proactive contact with proven translators always pays dividends and we try to contact linguists and confirm their availability as far in advance of the project start date as possible. Naturally it helps when the client can give us a heads-up on what’s coming, and the fact that we’re building on what is already a strong relationship with the linguists helps us too. Where the notice period on a project is short or even non-existent, we contact linguists while our engineering teams are preparing files for translation. We’ve also nurtured a network of linguists and desktop publishing specialists around the world, so by taking advantage of time zone differences we can arrange for one element of a project to be completed “overnight” so it’s ready for our inhouse team to move forward the following morning. In the end it comes down to communication. Picking up the phone and proactively moving each stage of a project forward offers a platform to deliver what clients need, when they need it”

Using a global network of industry specialists.

Using cutting edge technology but giving human intelligence and judgement the final word.

Above all, making the best use of whatever time is available to get the job done.

£1.25 billion is a lot to gamble on a handful of men who kick a ball around for a living. Whatever stakes you're playing for, the good news is that when you need a language service you don’t have to gamble at all. You can meet your deadlines, meet your quality standards and make a solid investment in your long-term future with the right service partner by your side.

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